Ah I see you are actually reading what I have to say (you must be very bored...)
I'm Simplii Kawaii but instead of typing all that just call me Kawaii or SK (or any other bizarre nickname you can come up with).
Some real life facts I am willing to share:
- chinese
- girl
- in university

Some Gaia facts:
- has been playing for 4 years and counting
- is mainly a freebie artist
- has two art shops and 1 free art thread
- spends almost all my time in the free art forum
- LOVES LOVES LOVES avatar art
Basically I only go on Gaia for the art.

Some interests of mine:
- enjoys watching anime
- favorite animes include Death Note, Bleach, and Ouran
- also likes to watch comedy shows like MadTV and SNL
- likes to admire anime art xP
- used to play Maplestory

I am a very nice and usually literate person so if you ever bump into me in the free art forum feel free to say hi! However do not beg for gold or give me random friend requests because that makes me a sad panda (lolol random south park thing).
Although if you really want to chat with me, I mainly go on another avatar site called 'Menewsha'. Sadly, I pretty much don't chat here anymore D:

~ Hope to see you around!


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SKs Rants

Random stuff, although I usually am too lazy to add anything.

I just put what I felt that day into here. My goals and if i have reached them or any random things that have happened ^^



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Ayumi Himekawa

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Ayumi Himekawa

Happy Birthday! C: <3

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Amazing Avatar & profile!

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Happy Holidays~

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HI KAWAII! It's been soooo long since we talked, I miss j00s! How have you been Sweetie?
Midget Eater

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Midget Eater

Ah alright. Well, you can still keep it if you want (:
little e

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little e

LOL. I've been "skipping church" but I had valid reasons for doing so. One, I visited another church and the second time was to take care of my mum when she was sick... and do homework.

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I haven't talked to you in ages!

This is Pipper.
minty pls

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minty pls




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