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i love you all and you are all worthy and cute and cared about and please just feel free to pm me if you ever need some loving <33

what a lonely loser

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* art by this lovely little dear ♡
* Have a great day, ya cuties~ ♡

brb crying

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Hey there
I'm Silver and I appreciate Jeon Jungkook's precious smile

|| female || US || 07/13 || cancer ||

* will link social media accounts later~~

* cuties and tsunderes welcome
* i like helping people, pm me if you ever want to talk or something ♡
* llsif has taken over my life, soul, and entire being.
(someone save me from this japanese school girl idol hell)
* rin hoshizora is my wife
* pm me for any game codes/friend id's
(MoeCan!, LLSIF, Sid Story)


* (yo)utaites
* Soraru
* Mafumafu
* Shounen T
* Ito Kashitaro
* Arina Tanemura
* sports manga/anime
* dating sims
* qt tsunderes
* bishies
* white haired anime boys
* dorksssss
* yaoi/yuri
* rhythm games
* ccg's
* omocat
* blood and guts and bones and eyeballs and stuff
* monster boys/girls
* eggs
* pastel colors
* stickers
* fruit
* cats
* hot apple cider
* gudetama
* object heads
* plants
* stars/planets/space
* jelly/boba drinks
* taro and red bean
* cleaning/organizing


* flies
* cockroaches
* strong wind
* sneezing


* Kiznaiver
* Attack on Titan
* Blue Exorcist
* Hunter x Hunter
* Tokyo Ghoul
* Durarara
* Zetsuen no Tempest
* Noragami
* Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
* Magi
* Gurren Lagann
* Red Data Girl
* Devil Is a Part Timer
* Princess Jellyfish
* My Little Monster
* Love Stage
* Samurai Champloo
* Aldnoah.Zero
* Steven Universe
* We Bare Bears
* Over The Garden Wall
* Bee and Puppycat
* remind me to update this


* Sakura Hime Kaden
* The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
* So Cute It Hurts
* Noragami
* Assassination Classroom
* Kimi ni Todoke
* Bokura ga Ita
* Sakura Hime the Legend of Princess Sakura
* La Esperança
* Kitchen Princess
* Komomo Confiserie
* Kagerou Daze
* Princess Jellyfish
* So Cute It Hurts
* Flow
* Siren's Lament
* Orange Marmalade
* UnTouchable
* No. 6
* Honey So Sweet
* QQ Sweeper
* Dengeki Daisy
* The Ancient Magus' Bride
* please recommend more i'm too lazy

* Indie/Alt Rock
* Classy Rap
* J-pop
* K-pop
* Vocaloid
* basically every genre ever
* If you make me listen to something on repeat
I'll probably love it sooner or later


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A quick thank you to everyone who has donated to me
and who drew my dorky oc's

my username is actually my old runescape account lmao


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AmberAngelOfGood Report | 12/22/2016 7:09 pm
your welcome
Faiethell Report | 08/27/2016 9:48 pm
gaia_nitemareleft Sorry I haven't been on when you were, I have been acting as an Elven Princess at Utahs Renaissance Faire!!!! I will send you pics/ post them on facebook!! But I really want to talk to you more. Maybe im being silly since we have maybe 20 PM'S going at the moment but we have a lot to catch up on like my pole dancing self lmao. gaia_crown gaia_crown gaia_crown gaia_nitemareright
Sheepys Powers Unite Report | 08/14/2016 6:39 pm
Sheepys Powers Unite
nope im not i do not much care for Olympics i mean doing it for real i would be all up for it but see ppl do it its a bit boring xD
II IvIochi_Jam II Report | 08/13/2016 9:10 am
II IvIochi_Jam II
If the past you was as sweet and full of fluffy goodness as the
current you is, you totally deserve every ounce of honesty and love a person can give.
II IvIochi_Jam II Report | 08/09/2016 12:11 pm
II IvIochi_Jam II
And I appreciate you, I love coming on here and seeing you flip out and spazz, it's adorable!
Sheepys Powers Unite Report | 08/08/2016 6:31 pm
Sheepys Powers Unite
im doing good not much to do ware im at lol besides be online or playing pokemon go lol so what have u been up to :3
II IvIochi_Jam II Report | 08/08/2016 9:21 am
II IvIochi_Jam II
Then you'll have something to remind you how wonderful you are whenever you feel down
Sheepys Powers Unite Report | 08/07/2016 9:44 am
Sheepys Powers Unite
baa :3
The Salacious Queen Report | 08/02/2016 7:07 am
The Salacious Queen
haha, it's ok. I can be bad about replying at times too. rl happens. c:

Glad to hear from you though and if you ever need someone to talk to don't hesitate to comment or pm me. <3
King Of Typos Report | 06/08/2016 8:30 am
King Of Typos
Hi there stalker o u o
II IvIochi_Jam II