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i've hit a kind of rough patch in my life and everything just made me sad and i lost my passion for almost everything and i just didn't really see the point in anything so i disconnected myself from everybody but now i'm back and i'm really scared to start convos with my friends because it may seem to them like i didn't care about them when i really did worry about them every day i was gone, but i really just don't want to hurt them and in a way i kind of want them to forget about me. i know most people probably don't care, but for the few that do, i just want to let them know that i am back and that i am trying my best to recover. i may not be at my best right now, but i really just want the people around me to be happy and healthy and i never want them to worry about me. i just hope i'm not a nuisance to anybody. please stay safe everybody. i really love you all. -xx silver

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everything pastel

brb crying

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Hey there
I'm Silver and I like sport animes.

|| female || pansexual || US || 07/13 || plant child ||

* will trade friendship for spicy memes
* i like helping people, pm me if you just want to talk or something ♡
* love live school idol festival has taken over my life, soul, and entire being.
someone save me from this japanese school girl idol hell.
* dating sims > real romantic relationships
* rin hoshizora is my ultimate wife


* my amazing dorky friends god bless i love them all ಥ‿ಥ
* rhythm games
* bishies
* yaoi/yuri ayye
* omocat
* blood and guts and bones and eyeballs and stuff
* eggs
* monster boys/girls
* dorks
* pastel colors
* stickers
* fruit
* cats
* pugs
* corgis
* baggy sweaters
* hot apple cider
* gudetama
* object heads
* plants
* stars/planets/space
* jelly/boba drinks
* taro and red bean
* white haired anime boys


* flies
* cockroaches
* strong wind


* Kiznaiver
* Attack on Titan
* Blue Exorcist
* Hunter x Hunter
* Tokyo Ghoul
* Durarara
* Zetsuen no Tempest
* Noragami
* Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
* Magi
* Gurren Lagann
* Red Data Girl
* Devil Is a Part Timer
* Princess Jellyfish
* My Little Monster
* Love Stage
* Samurai Champloo
* Aldnoah.Zero
* Steven Universe
* We Bare Bears
* Over The Garden Wall
* Bee and Puppycat
* remind me to update this


* Assassination Classroom
* Kimi ni Todoke
* Bokura ga Ita
* Sakura Hime the Legend of Princess Sakura
* La Esperança
* Kitchen Princess
* Komomo Confiserie
* Kagerou Daze
* Princess Jellyfish
* So Cute It Hurts
* Flow
* Siren's Lament
* Orange Marmalade
* UnTouchable
* please recommend more i'm too lazy

* Indie/Alt Rock
* Classy Rap
* J-pop
* K-pop
* Vocaloid
* basically every genre ever
* If you make me listen to something on repeat
I'll probably love it sooner or later


by Artblock2

by Daedal-Dame

by 0isuga

by Shirazen

by Dead-pool005

by flowerily

by taptothebeat

by faesu

by Hyperaphia

by Stanford Pines

by Kikko Mangetsu

by the lovely Faiethell

A quick thank you to everyone who has donated to me
and who drew my dorky oc's

my username is actually my old runescape account lmao


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King Of Typos Report | 06/08/2016 8:30 am
King Of Typos
Hi there stalker o u o
The Salacious Queen Report | 06/03/2016 2:09 pm
The Salacious Queen
Just wanted to say that you're definitely not a nuisance and I hope you're doing ok <3
dewdrop301 Report | 04/01/2016 2:03 pm
ya you didn't reply yet
Bunthulhu Report | 03/18/2016 7:23 pm
1. Ahhh, you put me on your prof. That's so cute. redface <3

2. So.
Shower scene Hisoka....
Dat boi is fiiiiit. Heck.
tunappity Report | 03/17/2016 5:01 pm
TRUEEE sweatdrop
II IVIarcie Lee II Report | 02/25/2016 6:51 pm
II IVIarcie Lee II
But I luff chu
come back to me
II IVIarcie Lee II Report | 02/25/2016 6:29 pm
II IVIarcie Lee II
Are you okay? I'm so sorry ;A;
II IVIarcie Lee II Report | 02/25/2016 6:12 pm
II IVIarcie Lee II
Take a deep breath.

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II IVIarcie Lee II Report | 02/25/2016 6:07 pm
II IVIarcie Lee II
Wanna see her Valentine's picture? biggrin
II IVIarcie Lee II Report | 02/25/2016 6:02 pm
II IVIarcie Lee II
She's just past three months old now emotion_bigheart

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