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All About Me!

I've been an on-again-off-again Gaia user for 6 years now. Seems like such a long time. If I'm around, I'll probably be in the AT, so come check me out!

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pearlmethyst Report | 08/16/2014 12:14 pm
******** where u go go crying
Aqua Fortise Report | 07/01/2014 12:26 am

WOW OK I'LL TRY HARDER DEN emotion_donotwant

u likeee my bg? emotion_awesome

learned from the best emotion_dowant

Aqua Fortise Report | 06/30/2014 10:20 pm

sry i should have made it uglier emotion_donotwant

thanks emotion_awesome <3
Kuyusi Report | 06/30/2014 7:47 pm
Likewise, you flatterer! emotion_awesome <3
Kuyusi Report | 06/30/2014 7:23 pm
Thanks so much for your comment, I love your avis (especially your backgrounds omg) so it means a lot to me. <3
Emerald Report | 05/29/2014 2:09 am
Thank you! I never thought of using Happy Capsule for a background before, but I think I will now. I just saw the blue and realised it matched this perfectly.
Emerald Report | 05/28/2014 11:23 am
I would give anything to know what background items you're using, the tree and the lights in front of it. It would be perfect for this avatar! Would you mind letting me in on your secret? redface
TofuBaconPizza Report | 05/12/2014 10:08 am
congrats on placing again dude! I know your entry will be top 10!
Deoxtri Report | 05/09/2014 3:35 am
Haha yeah, that has happened for me too xP

It was the overgrown kudzu, I love those big leaves but dang, they're hard to work with emotion_donotwant
Deoxtri Report | 05/08/2014 10:59 am
Thanks for buying that Falco :'P

I love it but I just couldn't make anything with D;