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Hello new faces!

You can call me Silver or whatever is to your liking... As long as it isn't cruel and unusual. Unless you like being cruel and unusual, then you probably have some issues you need to work out and I can help you with that! *cracks knuckles*... ow.. T^T

I was born on a day, the prettiest day that you ever did see. That day was in the best month of the most awesome year. Jealous yet?

I like a bunch of stuff especially if it is cute, funny, or makes my heart go pitter pat. I am also known to capitalize random words, misspell, use punctuation and grammar as I deem fit, and have frequent problems with auto correct. My brain Loves me!
Wait, you there! yes you! Don't think I don't see you Judging me! Stop it! Stop it this instant or prepare for the worst fist shaking of your entire life. emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png

tl;dr: Hi!

Random comments, I love um. So feel free to do that.

You're getting me these things? I love you! ❣

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