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Report | 08/28/2007 2:20 pm


zomg its jenn!!! i havent talkin to you in like forevers D : cool avi ^_^ i guess......ill see you in the hell hole >_> (lyman hall xD i dont wanna go...but who does??xDD)
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Report | 08/20/2007 10:13 am


i like ur new look!!User Image
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Report | 07/03/2007 11:30 pm

Doctor Roofie


Not neat, just plain great.

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Report | 06/28/2007 6:38 pm


Too many xD But it is such a lovely song <3
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Report | 06/28/2007 12:12 pm


Thank you and hi to you to...
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Report | 06/28/2007 8:44 am


*gives cookie*Well... Always look on the bright side of life! : D *needs to stop listening to that song >_> *
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Report | 06/27/2007 5:48 pm


So far, feels the same. P= Hows it like being a senior?
OMG-no-jutsu's avatar

Report | 06/27/2007 12:08 pm


Heeey~ Hows your summer so far? : D
blondestar-4ever's avatar

Report | 06/27/2007 11:07 am


ok.... but i REALLY like the hair on my other friend, but it ain't there! so where would it be then??? i'm so sorry to bother you!
blondestar-4ever's avatar

Report | 06/27/2007 10:32 am


hey, i've got a question.... i've seen people with REALLY kewl things that aren't in the stores!!! do you know where to get them???(example: pretty hair)
blondestar-4ever's avatar

Report | 06/27/2007 9:08 am


Hey there Jenn! just so ya know, i might need some help cuz this thing is all new to me! ^-^;;
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Report | 06/12/2007 11:16 am

Reichiru Tomoe

Lol, thanks for the profile comment. User Image
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Report | 06/11/2007 1:52 pm




Now I'm happy I made a Gaia.

Ooh, I need to find other peoples..

User Image
KaizokuCutie1578's avatar

Report | 06/10/2007 10:52 am


"Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?"- Donnie "Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?" -Frank hahaha love that movie but never saw the end of it DD : oh well....i'll go rent it or somehtign and i never got the see the Hardy Mums thing neither.......plus i still want some of that cake we made xDD ~Polly : DD
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Report | 06/10/2007 8:22 am


yays for jenn with two "n"
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Report | 06/10/2007 8:13 am

Hot Beef Injection

I'm making fun of you becuase you forgot the T.
Hot Beef Injection's avatar

Report | 06/10/2007 8:09 am

Hot Beef Injection

Hot Beef Injection's avatar

Report | 06/10/2007 6:42 am

Hot Beef Injection

Hardy mums! I don't understand but it's hella funny!
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Report | 06/09/2007 6:47 pm


I knows you! : O
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Report | 06/09/2007 11:55 am


lookin good
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