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play more. that's kinda it.

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**On hiatus until I feel like getting Chuchip's Blessing. For now, i'm just getting the Cloud. <3 Wewt. Got Cloud. Thanks to Virus. :]
5th: by Malignant Virus heart
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Total Value: 649,961 Gold
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Item List:
Cloud ...
Chuchip's Blessing
Aqua And Blue Reversible Hair Pins Have [4.19]
Flower Wrist Band Bought [4.19]
Flower Ankle Bands Bought [4.19]
Jenny Doll Bought [7.13]YES!!! FINALLY GOT IT~ <33
Sky Sparkle Empire Dress Bought [5.6]
Powder Blue Sweet Lace Mary-Janes Bought [5.9]
Powder Blue Sweet Lace Headband Bought [5.6]

Additional notes: must booty grab. a ton.

About Me

edit 4/15/13: I have to rewrite this.

I actually don't like the color pink.

i'm bia

I'm not on Gaia too often, maybe only for events (LOVE 'EM). zOMG! doesn't interest me as much anymore, but I'm hoping to play hours and hours of it when I get a looong vacation - and I really still want to be part of the community.

now the part about me:
I really really like having friendships that last forever and if I think about the ones that don't I kinda get sad. But I think that goes for a lot of people. So anyway, chat me up. c:


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Undistinguished Report | 10/12/2013 5:01 am
I also like cats. 3nodding
Undistinguished Report | 04/20/2013 5:41 am
Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jack <3.

Wicked profile. 3nodding
Emyre Report | 04/19/2013 10:18 pm
My optometrist was kind enough to read me your comment since I'm blind now.

Eh. Thanks. Mine's pretty boring.
I change my avatar far too often to have a real color scheme.
At least it's not blinding.
Emyre Report | 04/18/2013 8:26 pm
Oh God I made the mistake of clicking on your profile.
Now I'm blind.
Undistinguished Report | 04/15/2013 5:23 am
Ohaithur Little One. heart
Undistinguished Report | 11/02/2012 6:34 am
Happens. I lived a mostly Gaia free summer. Life takes over sometimes. biggrin
Undistinguished Report | 10/30/2012 3:02 pm
You look awesome, Little One. heart
Chaillot Report | 04/14/2012 9:57 pm
Awe, so sorry to hear that. D= That's never fun.. I hope you two make up soon!

It's starting to warm up again. ^^ Tomorrow it's supposed to get up to at least eighty. =D How's the weather for you?
Chaillot Report | 04/14/2012 3:40 pm
Haha, okay. XD

That's good. ^^
Chaillot Report | 04/14/2012 8:33 am
Good. ^^ Yours?

creeper much?

jealous much

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