Hello, I'm Silent, St, Star, ect... I Prefer to be called Star or Winter. I Love to draw and I have some what complex Personalty ^w^, I love to laugh and have fun. Not many people have actually seen me get mad. I tend to have a little anger issue, I have a even shorter temper when I'm sad... I've kinda scared a friend... and it wasn't aimed at her. So Please don't push it, please. I'm also very very shy when I first meet people. because of my crazy personality. I don't want 'is she insane?!' Kinda looks so yeah lol. Oh I never tell people where I live or what my real name is N-E-V-E-R

Name: Star, Winter, Silent
Age: 19
Gender: I'm a girl, duh
Birthday: Jan 22
Zodiac: Aquarius, Unicorn (Horse/sheep)(There is a story behind it. But in short I'm both)
Gaia Anniversary: Jan 01, 2004 Yup I'm an Oldie, lol. And I'm going to be here a long time after
Statue: Straight, Single, Looking thought ^.- I would like to know you before you ask lol.
Dislikes: People Making fun of my spelling, Making me depressed, People egging me on, spicy foods, and Spoiler. N00bs and HACKERS !!! smilies/icon_scream.gif
Likes: yummy foods, Reading books (manga and regular), Vampires, Werewolves, Magical Creators, Daydreams, Drawing, Internet, Gaia. Oh and active Role plays!!!
Family RL: A Brother and a Sister (older)
Other: O.O Idk.... >> Is there anything else... I guess get to know me before you categorize me XD and thats I'm and know all sorts of CRAZY! MAHAHA! lol
Things I believe that should be shoot with a twelve gage shotgun: n00bs, And people who go KAWAII~!! in a very high voice that are not Japanese



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Silent's Album of Pets and Memorys XD

This is where i put my Pets and any other things i Might think of. Ha Ha Ha!


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Hey dear its devilpeaches here and im switching back to my main account now that i got it back if you wish to continue being friends and keep in touch go ahead and add me im changing my name here to something else idk what yet but i am DEVILPEACHES and i will be changing the other account name to devilpeaches^^

sorry i pasted this on your wall its faster than mail since i have to mail so many ppl if u wanna add me right now the name of the main account is The_Vampiric_Damsel
ill change it once i get all my friends in there

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Ty for buying. emotion_awesome
Philharmonic Helix

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Philharmonic Helix

Thanks for buying!
What an amazing avy you have! heart

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Yeah... Forums haven't changed too much though...

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What shocked you?

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Well, I'm kind of lurking for the most part, not really finding much that I wanna do...

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I'm fine, birthday wasn't too special but I did enjoy it. You?

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Yeah, I remember those. Been a long time.

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Warriors RPs, right?

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Silent is : LIFE is not kind...
ON HIATUS FOR THE MOMENT (have been but i should make it offical)

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