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1.) If I post something in ED, I'm probably lying.
2.) If I post something in LD, I'm either baiting 'tards or talking with fun people.
3.) If I post anywhere else, I'm almost certainly trolling.
4.) If I offend you, you can ******** right off for being an uptight ninnymuggins.
5.)Conforming to Politically Correct society is vastly overrated.
6.). I don't care about your alternative lifestyle.
7.) I don't expect you to read this
8.) I'm too busy blasting good music to give a s**t about Rap or whatever band you like.
9.) If I say you're being a puss, it's because you are, internet tough guy.
10.) Let's give 'em a horse laugh. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.

The power of MILK!