I'm a caterpillar irl

Some stuff about me

Hi, and welcome to my profile! Please call me Silly!

When I'm not on Gaia, I'm a Taiwanese high school senior living in Washington who spends an unhealthy amount of time watching anime, scrolling through Tumblr, and sleeping.

When I am on Gaia, I'm usually in the Chatterbox, playing around with my avatar, or zOMGing. (I'm currently trying to get to 1OOk TC.)

I like pretty much every color of the rainbow except for poop brown.

Three facts about me:
xxxI play the violin and the piano. Beethoven's my fave composer.
xxxI'm learning Russian as a second language at my high school.
xxxI often stay up until 4 AM. Sometimes I go for runs at 2 in the morning.
xxxI love how quiet and empty the streets are at night.

I'm a super friendly person, so feel free to add me if you want to get to know me! Also, if I know you pretty well, feel free to add me on Facebook.

PS: My username is spelled siiiy-chu.

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