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Mister Ronin Report | 04/26/2013 5:04 pm
Thanks for buying! xP
Dacinnyy Report | 06/30/2009 5:53 pm
How are you dearie?
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Dacinnyy Report | 06/29/2009 3:06 pm
Hey hey ;U
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 04/03/2009 7:20 pm
Well, I like to know what other people think. I already know what I sound like. I just appreciate what other people have to say.
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 03/31/2009 2:25 pm
Oh God!!! Please no! I dont think they sound very good. But The average rating is like....a 4. Which is good. But I don't like it. Watch away of you find it.
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 03/31/2009 2:15 pm
Well, I'm watching myself sing on Youtube. LoL. I hate it. But before I think I was watching a guy sing in German. o.0 But I couldn't quite tell.
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 03/31/2009 2:07 pm
LoL. Cuz you compliment me a lot. I was just kidding anyhow.
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 03/31/2009 11:39 am
I have a feeling that you're flirting with me. LoL.
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 03/30/2009 8:33 pm
LoL. Yah yah. I get it. Well, there's honestly no vocab that I could teach you. That is, unless you're aiming on learning my vocab. Such as words and phrases that I tend to use. Wow, would that be a hoot! And when you say you talk to your Ohio friends almost every day, do you mean like, over the phone? LoL. Cuz otherwise, I dunno how you would know their accents. Ha ha ha.
LaBeeuhtriixx Report | 03/30/2009 2:06 pm
Holy Hayworth! Sweden?! That's amazing! Do you have some kind of cool accent? I'm sure if you do, you'd be the one who thinks that I have an accent. Since that's just kinda the way it works. Ha ha. Woah! 2-1 almost 2-2?! You seriously look 17. Not even kidding! That baffles me! XD I love using that word. Or any large or uncommon word that people use. I have a fairly large vocabulary compared to most 1-4 year olds. Or high schoolers for that matter. But maybe it's just me, ya know? LoL.
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