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CaptainTapole on 11/24/2015


Student aiming for a career in Chemistry Fine Arts
Knowledge Bowl State Champion (Rank: 13th 10th of 144 in Southern CO)
CDC Zombie Apocalypse Task Force
Full-time traveler
Amateur astronomer
Full-time competitive/recreational archer
Seasonal backcountry/alpine/freestyle skier
Full-time gamer

I have the patience of your average bear.
I am literate to adv. literate.
I'm your average rich kid.
My PlayStation is my life.
Forever a single lady and damn proud of it.
I have severe arachnophobia. As in, I get panic attacks. No lie.
I can name every single character in the GoT universe.
I can speak Dothraki fluently. (I'm not even sorry.)
I have a very shiny Toyota Tundra and a 2014 Corolla~
I like pie more than life itself. c:
I have the musical talent of your average ferret.


I'm a winter child, and love the cold.
Name a book, and I have probably read it.
I'm witty; but not nearly as witty as some people.
I enjoy role-playing, though am picky about content and partners.
Name a city or state, and I've probably been there.
Sometimes I think I'd like to live in Texas... then I think better of it.
I am currently applying to the University of Arts in Helsinki, Finland.
I can speak some Swedish and some Finish, and a great deal of Spanish.

Favoritism Personified

She's my evil twin except she's not evil at all.
That, however, could be up for debate.
I feel like I've corrupted her on some levels.
We share a mutual love of animals and an equal dislike of politics.
There exists a very strong, sister-like bond between us, since
hardly a day goes by we don't talk to each other.
She also finds it hilarious to send me pictures of men
while I'm sitting in class. I know I can share anything with her,
and there are times when I think she doesn't understand
how much she actually means to me. She's also the only friend
that I've actually met! She literally lives oceans away, and
it was by chance that we had the opportunity to meet.
I miss her so much.

We have lots and lots in common, including a shared love
of our Playstations. When we do talk, we usually spend
hours talking. We like nothing more than love triangles
and tragedies. We have started a few role-plays, all of which
I've enjoyed far more than is probably healthy. Also, we play
Destiny together; we have a thing about shooting each other.
I hope to visit her one day. Soon. And for a long time.

Sort've my husband but mostly my ultimate bane:
We're extremely dysfunctional in a friendly way, and
usually spend our time either insulting each other or figuring
out new ways to make the other uncomfortable, which never happens.
We share a lot of common ground, and I have always enjoyed
our conversations; however pointless they may become.

He's one of my best friends, however little we actually talk.
He's been there for me, and I still have to repay him for that.
I enjoy our conversations, when we have time to have them,
and really he's the only one that bothers to call me.
He is my primary source of comfort, and I know that I can come to him
for anything; he always has sound advice and a soft word for me.
His consistent teasing is always keeping me on my toes, and
sometimes it is difficult for me to find a way to sass him.

Pretty much my big brother who I am partially terrified of.
I look up to him. We don't talk often, though I know
if I ever needed his support or his advice, he'd be around.
He is also one of the only people that isn't afraid to tell me
to get my s**t together and get over things, which, admittedly,
sometimes I desperately need. He thinks I'm a goofball, which
is entirely true.

Hands down, she's my evil twin.
We have a lot in common, including a likeness for making
our character's lives utterly miserable before their untimely death.
Our chats are always filled with laughter.


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