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I'm seventeen years old.

The majority of my friends are much older than I, but regardless, they are my friends.
Double black diamonds and black diamonds are my favorite slopes.
I am pretty good at Chemistry, but I'm terrible at Physics.
I have been skiing for nine years.
English is my favorite subject.
I am literate to adv. literate.
I'm your average rich kid.

My favourite bands/artists include:
Of Monsters and Men
Ellie Goulding
Snow Patrol

The strangest thing about me:
If I cry hard enough, my nose bleeds.

Favoritism Personified

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Sort've my husband.
Except we're dysfunctional.
As in he slaps me through the computer screen
when I don't play through the Ezio Trilogy.
We share a lot of common ground, and I enjoy our conversations;
however pointless they may become.

She's like my evil twin except she's not evil at all.
That, however, could be up for debate.
I feel like I've corrupted her on some levels.
We share a mutual love of animals and an equal dislike of politics.

He's my bane.
I enjoy our conversations, when we have time to have them,
and really he's the only one that bothers to call me.
I'm currently in a predicament; I have no more shows for him to watch.
Signum Ignis
Paroxysmal Cataclysm
Teacup Heiress