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Hello my sinfully glorious people ;3
The Nephalem:
My name is Sieyedea, but you can just call me Sie. My 'mother' and father are the creators of Angels and Demons and I do not mind space. My surrogates are their creations and I love all four of them dearly. I was born close after the dinosaurs went extinct. I am an only child, but I have family I could consider my siblings. I am deeply head over heels in love with a Star God who also happens to be a Djinn.
Like: Ice skating, dancing, cooking and baking, music, doodling, and driving someone insane ;3

Just call me Sie. I'm transgender FtM. I go both ways, but prefer men. I live in Texas, Thai, Brazilian, and chinese and sassy af. I love to dress up, randomly dance and sing when a good song comes on, and totally not a low key pervert. 25, 5'2 and half, Leo, and single. Due to unforeseen past events, I have the most awesome daughter ever. My likes are the same with the inclusion of video games, anime, manga, and roleplaying.

My home thread is Osawari Academy but it is currently full.
My baby thread is The Soul's Nostalgia. It is currently quiet, but open and is due for a remodel after I am caught in my home thread. *haha*

I don't mind 1x1 on up via PM, Discord, or Thread, but I do have rules.
I don't mind 'go with the flows' but put it in a different PM, need pictures, more than one or two liners, and something interesting to go off of. I love to plot.

You can reach me here or Discord*coming soon*. Don't ask for anything else unless we are really close. I don't mind friend requests, but just know I don't add if you don't talk. :3

idk...what more do you want? lol



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Everything you need to know about the roleplays I am in, my characters, the histories, places, etc. and about me. It'll have all sorts of things in it.


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