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Random Side Story

The Encounter

The existence of Dragons and Humans at one point was just absolutely absurd because the two species were just not meant to be living side by side. To humans dragons only brought destruction and chaos within their planet, which in most part true. Despite that, there were a few that cared and wanted to live in a world where they can both be accepted by one another. Secretly there has been a few that live among the humans, trying to get an understanding of the humans.

Presently the co-existence between dragons and humans haven't been resolved but the relationship has become much more stable than before. Out of all the relationships that has been created, there was between a girl named Melanie and a dragon boy named Blake. She was your typical girl, glasses and brown hair that curled which made them bounce every time she walked at the age of 17. He was at least 200 years old but stood out as an 18 year old with short black hair that resembled the darkest of shadows. They weren't always attracted to one another at first but slowly developed a connection to where Blake became Melanie's guardian.

It all began on a Saturday morning when Melanie's family dragged her to come hike up a mountain trail to get some fresh air. Wishing her parents would of left her alone, she sat on the camp table muttering "I wish I could get out of this place, the weather is unbearable!" Her mom comes around and smacks her arm "Melanie, stop acting so childish and explore around" responding back to her mom "Grr you dragged me here... but fine maybe i'll get eaten by a bear." And so she grabs a bottle of water and heads into the mountain to explore.

After hiking up the mountain trail Melanie starts to notice that there is a secluded area east of the path and so she wonders off into that direction hoping to find something that's worth wild to her. As she heads on she notices a giant shadow being created by something just as big and as to that it landed farely close due to the noises of the trees being shook. Just as it passed by she got a glimpse of what looked like a dragon's tail. " I need to find out what that was!" rushing quickly towards the area she wonders if it's a good idea or not but continues to it anyways.

Bursts of adrenaline are rushing through out her body, tackling her way through the touch and uneven surface of the ground to discover this creature. Stumbling among the branches and leaves she finally reached her destination. Breathing in deeply to fill her longs with air she lifted her head to only find a boy, just about her age. Slowing her breathing rate she stood up and yelled at the mysterious boy "Hey! You! What are you doing here in this part of the mountain!" Waiting for a reply she looked from behind to only see his black hair along with his grey jacket along with dark jeans.

Moving his shoulders back to relieve some stress from his shoulders he heard someone hollering from behind. A little surprised he began to turn around and started to analyze this girl that appeared in front of him. Feeling that he wasn't paying attention she called out "Hello? What are you staring at?" He looked up to make eye contact with her and replied back in a relaxing yet bone chilling manner "Sorry, there wasn't much to look at anyways." Feeling insulted she gripped her bottle and threw it at him to only be caught by him with ease. Amused by the sudden anger he began to walk towards her but she stepped back to keep that safe distance. "Stay away from me! Come any closer and I'll scream for help! They'll catch --" tripping over the roots of a dead tree stump she began to fall backwards. Falling back she felt a gust of wind hit her but there he was, catching her from falling. Looking down he gave her a devilish smile and she looked back only to feel her cheeks turning red. "Careful now"

Pulling away from him quickly Melanie turns to face him, breathing deeply and stunned at what just happened. Keeping his devilish smile "How about a thank you? I did keep you from falling after all." Staring at him Melanie starts to get a little scared "How did you do that?" Glaring back at her he quickly vanishes out of sight and reappears sitting down on top of a cave. Puzzled she tries to keep her eyes on him but fails and turns around and finally sees him. "What are you?" Unafraid he responds bluntly " I'm a dragon" and extends his wings that are the color of darkness, shrouding the forest in the shadows.

Fixing her eyes on his wings she is not terrified but actually astonished at his beautiful wings and stares hims in the eyes "Hey, what's your name?" Maintaining his evil smile and relaxed posture he laughs "Brave one aren't you? I'll give you that. Blake's the name." Feeling a pleasant smile upon her face she holds her hand behind her back "Melanie, it's a pleasure to meet you." To be in the presence of a dragon was the best feeling of all, the fear that was once in her, gone. "Blake! It's nice to meet you and I wish to tame you!"

Blake unable to contain his amusement bursts out in laughter and holds his sides, laughing wildly. "Oh I haven't laughed this much in centuries, you're amusing to me but you won't ever be able to tame me." jumping down from boulder to boulder in a zig zag he turns his back to flap his wings and sending a gust of wind towards Melanie before disappearing into the cave under where he was sitting above. Shielding herself from the gust she walks towards Blake and smirks "I can't wait until you're mine."

Unexpected Arrival Of News

A little irritated now Blake looks up in the skies only to find another dragon flying towards them. Crossing his arms and grunts in disbelief "Hey, you better get out of here before she gets here." A little puzzled she looks up and notices nothing that a human eye can see. "What? Why? And who is this person you're talking about?" Sighing and looking up, Blake ignores her question only to have something land down with a crash. Shielding her eyes for a second she looks now at another human with dragon wings that were not at all related to Blake's, but instead a cherry red color. Gazing upon her long hair that went down past her shoulders which were blonde and the tips colored dark red. She wore a white leather jacket, a red t-shirt that was cut off to her show off her midriff, smooth white pants and red converses.

"Blake who is she?" pointing to Melanie and looking at Blake.

"Just a girl that wants to tame me apparently" he replies with an amused smile

Melanie beginning to wonder "So who are you?" Glancing at Melanie with an almost seductive smile and warps towards her she lifts her chin "Call me Katherine." Blake raising an eyebrow "Interested in her?" Gazing into Melanie's eyes and grins "Just a little bit."

Feeling her cheeks turning red she pulls back and stumbles a little "Ah, um hi! It's nice to meet you!" seeing Blake laughing in the back must of gotten a real kick of that that, damn him. Blinking for just a second she notices that Katherine is gone and looks puzzled at Blake only to see him laughing even more. Feeling her hips tightening and her back pressed by Katherine's chest.

"It's nice to meet you too, Melanie" as Katherine licks her neck slowly and keeps grinning as she holds her.

"As amusing as it is, break it up you too" reappearing closely to both of them he separates them quickly only to get Katherine putting her hands up with a bright smile. "remember the last time you put you hands on a girl? Huh Katherine?"

"I couldn't help myself she tastes like a first timer" keeping her smile and staring straight into Melanie's eyes before looking at Blake's.

Glaring at Katherine and keeping a relaxed face expression "So why are you here? I know you didn't come just because you wanted to play with my new toy." Trying to piece together the entire day she let go of what Blake said.

Scratching her head and giving a sorry expression "Well, it seems like the military is on our behind ---" Blake cutting her off and a little ticked off "What! You better have a good reason, I kept myself in hiding long enough among these people." Aware in the change in his attitude now and pauses for a second "Lets just say some of the dragons agreed to rule the planet and one is on the loose at the moment, running amok."Sighing at the news he cracks his knuckles and his neck. "Guessing we have to put them back in their places now."

Assistance Needed

Looking at both Blake and Katherine and pouting a a bit "So how do I come help?" Staring back at Melanie a little puzzled and Blake speaking first "You help? When were you in this equation?"

"Ever since I figured you were a dragon and remember, I wanted to make you mine." letting a little smile in the corner of her lips. Having just gotten an idea she blurted out "If you don't let me come along with you two then I'll just have you guys hunted down, wings ripped for assaulting the daughter of the top ranking Sergeant in the military." smiling at both of them which were not amused.

"Are you blackmailing us? We can just tear you to pieces here without anybody knowing." Blake being the first to say something and Melanie nodding with a radiating smiling.

"Sergeants daughter remember? I think i'm important if I was missing." responding to Blake.

Katherine raising an eye brow at the stunning announcement and a little impressed "Cute and deadly, she has spunk Blake. I think I want her even more now. Lets take her please Blake?" pleading while putting her hands on her hips to stare at her body just before licking her lips in the process.

Looking at Katherine an looking up into the skies to sigh "I hate girls, but you're riding with Katherine."

"Lets go kiddo!" immediately taking Melanie like a princess and took a jump off the ground to spread out her wings to take off into the skies. "I feel like I'm going to regret this." Blake looking up and rolling his shoulders back to spread out his wings and taking off more violently than Katherine did.

Soaring through the sky for the first time Melanie wasn't scared but loving every moment of it. Feeling the wind rush towards her face and the chill of the wind hitting her skin was the most amazing feeling that she could of felt. Glancing down was also an amazing sight, the mountain formations can be seen and the forest which Melanie was once at. The river flowed just behind the mountains which was clear and sparkled in the sunlight and even a cliff where she could jump off from in her bikini which was at the camp. Wondering and noticing now, "Mom." freaking out she pulled out her phone and dialed mom's number "Shoot! Cmon pick up" on the fifth ring it went straight to voice mail.
"You want to go back to tell your mom don't you"
Nodding in agreement "



K Project

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"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times."
― Bruce Lee

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"
-Mental Model 401

"The past and the future are not the same, but they're not completely separated either."
-Kuroko Tetsuya

"Those who use cheating as their weapon, will be strangled by cheating in the end."
-Tokuchi Toua

"Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all."
— Yato

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Rawgh! Name is Simon!
I enjoy being a Poke Trainer.
I enjoy the company of my friends.
Did you know I'm such a weird person?
Feel the wrath of my fluffy tail! ~slaps you with it~
Writing poems randomly makes me happy.
Running is an amazing feeling to me.
Sprinting 100m in 11.9seconds.
200m in about 24.7second.
And 400 in 54.5seconds.
Stay Active in Life!

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Unpredictable Person.
Ethnic Vietnamese, Chinese
~Fire Claws Your Booty~ Enjoy Fire
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Passionate in becoming an ERN and after a Doctor.
Strategic in League of Legends, Jungle/Top.
My Birthday is on Christmas, Exciting.~
Want to learn the Violin, soothing.
Lobster/Walnut with Shrimp<3
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