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A o i i x Report | 09/27/2017 10:10 am
A o i i x
oooo hallo ~
thankyou thankyou!
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/26/2017 7:36 am
Riku The Devoted
Yay i'm glad!!!! It was a fun aspect.
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/25/2017 4:42 pm
Riku The Devoted
Do people still enjoy the homes in towns? I made my dream one once years ago but on another account crying
RageHelios Report | 09/25/2017 12:56 pm
Problematically Report | 09/25/2017 9:26 am
hiii, just a random hi backkk :'3
x Seoulie Report | 09/20/2017 6:08 am
x Seoulie
x Seoulie Report | 09/19/2017 10:44 am
x Seoulie
ah thank you -glomps-
I feel like I should change it eventually
Riku The Devoted Report | 08/27/2017 10:55 am
Riku The Devoted
That's like the best status i've ever seen. "I don't deserve it but I am loved" you are loved! BUT you DO deserve it! Remember that.
Riku The Devoted Report | 02/28/2017 7:50 pm
Riku The Devoted
*throws you some ramen*
Bongo the Golden Sock Report | 04/25/2016 8:13 am
Bongo the Golden Sock
You're very welcome blaugh thanks for selling heart


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Hello Gaia world I am back in the world where I really like, I am a 26 year old girl who can't really cope every well in the real world so I come on here, this is my home away from home 3nodding 4laugh

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I always went with the flow, I don''t mean as in "following the crowed" I am somewhat like 'a lone wolf' not by chose thoughthis path was coosen for me lone ago. Life was hard from the begnning but I faced it by shouting everything and everyone out I ran from them every time they tried to appoach me because I was afraid, afraid that they would hurt me. People have never treated me like I was alive but something that could be easily replaced and when they got tired of me they would just throw me away and walk away, for along time I have been afraid that the people inline or offline would come to a point where they up and say that they never even cared about me that is what I fear the most. I can't help to think about that


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