i spend most of my time playing zomg//feel free to join me if you ever see me! (▰˘◡˘▰)

- reading, videography, photography, kpop, cake, Ronnie

- people who eat with their mouths open, bugs

I love my girlfriend so much, she means the world to me and I need her! No matter how clingy and needy I am, she stays with me because she accepts and loves me for me and makes me very happy! She's so sweet, loving and caring and she's my beauty queen and the love of my life so I can't ever lose her! I will stay by her side and stay loyal to my one and only girl :3 She's been the person who I been dreaming of for years and I finally found her c: I'm so lucky to have her... I really am lucky to find someone this amazing this early in my life :3

One day we can finally meet after years of waiting... and I will finally be able to hold you and we do everything together (: Every moment we make, I will cherish it.

I love you so much shurlay! I'm always thinking about you and missing you!



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Me and My Boyfriend
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April 30, 2017

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