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Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 10:22 pm
Oh, that's really neat that he was the voice actor for the game as well. It would be spiffy if they could get the movie actors to do the voices...I think it would be distracting if the voices were different than the ones I was familiar with.

Ah, makes sense. Sometimes I forgot why I put items on my wishlist too especially if it was just for one pose. xD;;

And I always try to post things that I don't mind others reading...but sometimes I forget that people probably are reading what I post, lol, especially if no one quotes me or replies to it.

Do I what...sleep? Work? Get to work on time? xD I do all three, though occasionally I run a couple of minutes late getting to work if I encounter a school bus or something. xD

That's good to hear for you but bad for others seeking the lion at level 1. At least you got it, though! Oh gosh this sale. OTL
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 9:36 pm
Yeah, it sucks that Marvel characters got divvied up like that, but at least the MCU characters will be there. I hope Coulson is there...he'd make an excellent LEGO guy. xD

Oh hey. That's an interesting item. No poses I would make a lot of uses, but I guess I missed it when it came out. xD;;

So just because I don't see them doesn't mean they don't see me, eh? xD Sometimes I forget how "public" this place really is, lol, especially when I goes for days just talking to the same people. xD;;

Anything goes? Yep, that's totally my schedule. Except when it comes to work because obviously I have to show up on time, lol.

Smart. It will suck if it drops in price later, but at least you know you have it and it's a worry off your chest.
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 8:56 pm
Forgot to ask...I think I saw you post in the thread, but did you get your Carnelion?
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 8:56 pm
Ooo, they're making an Avengers LEGO game? That should be super fun. <3

What item did that end up being? xD

...oh. I didn't think about that. redface (I mean, only a few people post in there regularly...)

Same. xD I don't really have a set sleeping/waking schedule, though it's pretty much always stay up late/get up late.
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 6:42 pm
Right, I remember you talking about that quite a while ago. Hope you have fun~!

Yeah, sometimes I'll remember the icon but not the name. But yes, when I do RIGs I end up with a lot of random stuff and can have a hard time remembering what I wanted to keep and what I was going to sell...

Lol, could be. I'm too lazy to scroll through the thread looking. xD But I guess it's cool that people recognize my avatar/character even though I'm not all that prominent a poster in the GCD. xD;;

I know I've completely thrown off my sleep schedule and will have a hard time going to bed earlier than 3AM since I've stayed up every night for the updates. xD;;
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 12:32 am
Oh man, I haven't seen that in ages. xD What game are you playing?

I know...I'm the same. xD And without knowing what pose is the first one that makes up the icon, it's impossible to know where it is in my inventory - is it a hat? A top? An accessory (whatever the heck Gaia considers that to be)? A "bottom" (lol)?

I've read through the whole thing and I don't remember who said what about my OC. xD I think the main thing I'll remember from this year is ABSgiving. rofl

Not at all. xD At least I finished NaNoWriMo and actually got to the end of a story. whee But several post-3AM nights in a row combined with waking up relatively early for various family things, work, etc. definitely has made me loopier than usual, lol. Now to catch up on all the stuff I've been procrastinating on in dishes. emotion_facepalm
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 12:05 am
...make that "in the Least," not "east." emotion_facepalm
Salathielly Report | 11/30/2015 12:04 am
What's your status from?

Oh man, I do that all the time. I think it will work great and then I either end up finding another item I already had in my inventory that works better or else I end up making a completely different avatar all together. xD And sometimes I'll go to sell an item then remember at the last minute that there's just a single pose that I like and that's why I got it. OTL

That's amusing. xD I haven't talked about him to too many people...mostly Madam Ace since we both have rabbit-eared OCs. And Snarky because he loves OCs. xD

No, you did, I just forgot they had "Heart" in the name, lol. I was still thinking about the sale and how there were Regents and Consorts and Knights, etc., and was wondering if there was a new Heart line that I had missed somewhere. There are just so many items for sale right now that it would not surprise me in the east that I missed one. xD;;
Salathielly Report | 11/29/2015 10:40 pm
That is one problem with making a lot of new avatars...I always see something that could make it just a little bit better, so then I buy it and later wonder why I don't have any gold. xD

Coming up with names can be hard. xD And haha, you can call me whatever you's not like I'm actively RPing or anything. xD And I suppose I do a fair amount of both in character and out of character dress up. A lot of times it's mostly in character but something about it isn't quite right for his setting but it looks good on the avatar so I throw it in. xD

What are the Hearts? surprised
Salathielly Report | 11/29/2015 9:41 pm
Yeah, and I've also bought a few items off of the MP that finally appeared after no listings in forever, so I have quite a few new shinies to play with. xD

And haha, it is so my fault. xD I keep trying to come up with an OC with this name but nothing sticks. This OC's name is Mac, which is short and sweet and is most assuredly already taken as a username even if Gaia still allowed three letter usernames. xD

I'm really tempted by those as well, but I'm telling myself to hold out to see what day 4 of the sale is before I spend anything. I might be surprised like I was with today's bundle.


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