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Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 9:35 pm
I'm behind in watching/reading things. I've been spending too much time on Gaia, lol. sweatdrop

Hmm, interesting. So she's also a necromancer? surprised

It's totally a "senpai noticed me" feeling! emotion_kirakira

Food is tasty and important. :3
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 9:13 pm
Haha, no worries! Watching your series is much more important. :3

I thought she was a vampire hunter. xD Odd how many of those end up becoming vampires in fiction...

I was surprised that they answered my pre-AtS question about having more complimentary paw/human REIs going. I hope they do one for Ian and Rufus and another for Brennivin and Radio Jack. emotion_kirakira

But yeah, I know on Monday night I'm not going to get much done except read through the AtS thread, lol.
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 8:33 pm
Haha, no worries!

Super, super awkward in that case, oh my. xD Especially if they don't know what she is...

It's kind of like reading threads on Gaia...if I skip to the end and just post, what if I've missed something... OTL
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 8:13 pm
Hmm...I find it hard to imagine LEGOs as terrifying, but I'm sure they could be with the right writing/characterization/animation!

It's...probably better than drinking blood, honestly, but awkward for an entirely different set of reasons. xD

I almost never game, but when I do, I'm paranoid that I'll miss anything. sweatdrop
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 7:47 pm
That is thankfully a little less scary when one is a LEGO being. xD

That makes sense considering she probably doesn't want to kill any of them and can't get enough without adding more people.

At least you can focus on the story that way instead of just trying to get certain things. xD
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 7:22 pm
Oh my, really? xD

See, that's a logical reason to have a harem. *nodnod*

Good luck with the game! I've heard they're supposed to be really good games, so I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy them!
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 6:53 pm
It probably shouldn't be funny, but it is. xD Hopefully other party members could put their arms back on if that would ever happen, lol.

The Dresden Files also have different types of vampires that feed on various energies, so that makes sense to me. That character doesn't seem the type to stay a servant for long, though, not if she has a large harem. xD

She probably shouldn't have been teaching if she was that fragile, sadly. >.>;;

Ah, that makes sense. I'd hate to be kidnapped over something my ancestors had done, though (and forced to relive their lives, lol). Very interesting concept for a game!
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 6:32 pm
Haha, that's better than I thought it would be. xD I figured they'd lose an arm or something because they'd be pulling so hard that it would just pop off (seeing as they're LEGO people and all).

Ah, makes sense. Some of the vampires in the Dresden Files feed kind of like that, too.

Aww, that's too bad. It would suck to try to take the place of someone who was popular (and having a breakdown would suck). gonk

Who kidnapped him? A descendant of one of his ancestor's victims? surprised
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 5:51 pm
Oh really? That's cool! What happens if characters who aren't strong enough try to pull the handles?

Background harem! xD Oh well, it could be kind of convenient...though I suppose it might be a nuisance at times, depending on how they acted/interacted with each other.

Ooo, that's really nice! Sounds like a good teacher.

And...hmm, that might be rather traumatic, having to relive them like that. >.>
Salathielly Report | 03/30/2015 5:05 pm
They put Tom Bombadil in there? emotion_kirakira

They're just...out there...somewhere? xD That can be a problem with long-running series with lots and lots of characters...kind of like Gaia, in a way. xD

Ooo, spiffy! And lucky you in high school...we didn't have great theater education (or a great theater, honestly).

Ooof, reliving assassinations would be...awkward. sweatdrop (I knew the game was about assassins, but I didn't realize it involved someone reliving someone else's!)


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