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Birthday: 03/11/1991

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Hey oh! I haven't updated in a while and I thought this might be a good time since I am in a typity mood. I am a senior in high school! Woot! Class of '09 kicks what? Yea, a**, you guessed right. I am in a lot of clubs and things. I am hoping to major in German in college and the school that I am currently interested in is private, so I need to get crackin' on scholarship apps. I am a Presbyterian. I take pride in my beliefs. Feel free to ask me about my faith and I will answer to the best of my abilities. I am not trying to be snobby or anything but if you are looking at my profile to find out more about me then it seems a bit silly for me to act evasive and just say my favorite colors. My favorite colors happen to be teal, purple, red, and black (merely for the fact that it goes with EVERYTHING and is so utterly stylish). I have had a gaia account since spring of 2007, I think it was. I mostly play around on gaia, I go to the games and sit alone in the movies or amuse myself by sitting in on random town conversations and inputting the most stupid of comments. So that is me in a nutshell, to use an old expression. I don't have enough money to donate so don't ask me that. Any other question is fine. No I do not like long walks on the beach, not that anyone has ever asked me that, but wouldn't that just be funny if someone did? Sand is gross. Water in general is fun. I have highly varying tastes so if you ask anything about me be prepared to recieve a highly unexpected answer. My school friends, HELLO!!!! Please send me a pm or something when you are online! I know I already see way too much of you at school but I really want to play games with you guys. HAHA That sounded desperate. *cough* It just gets really annoying being the only person online and just checking the marketplace and then logging off. Anyway... check out my store people! I have reasonable prices for everything. I am also a very gracious person and will leave a comment for you in thanks if you buy from me. As of this moment, I don't really have a dream avatar. I think I will just try going with the flow and seeing where that gets me. So, yeah. Leave comments oh glorious visitors and I will most graciously respond. biggrin chu!

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Have a care, bathe your pet bear!

I'm going to write alot of crazy poo. Get over it!

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Shadexeox Report | 11/08/2008 9:35 am
mmm...mori likes seashells...
kh1sorakh2 Report | 10/25/2008 8:45 pm
thank you for the compliments and you weren't a bother at all. just a pleasant surprise.
Ojuo Report | 10/18/2008 5:52 pm
Shadexeox Report | 06/30/2008 5:03 pm
Tierre`Serenity Report | 06/03/2008 9:47 am
aww, I feel honored to be dubbed as an eternal freshie. ; o ;

awww, you and Noah made up? That's good. User Image User Image

OH YEAH, I got my movies up from megacon, meaning the video of the vic signing autographs, I'll pm it to you... because I've never pmed you before I think. xD;; oh lawls.
Tierre`Serenity Report | 06/02/2008 5:31 pm

IT'S A SENIOR!!! User Image
Tierre`Serenity Report | 05/07/2008 2:32 am
Lol, my profile is not of your liking? xD;;

Uwah, you don't have to do that. ; o ;

I only have like 2k at the moment anyway. Plus I'm only buying to add to my DI/MC collection rather than just buying it and then actually using it with my avi. xP

thanks for the offer though friend~~~ <333 User Image
Tierre`Serenity Report | 05/05/2008 1:11 am
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina-Ichiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigo~!! X3 User Image
iFweshCookie Report | 04/29/2008 3:13 pm
np anytime
bonus track Report | 04/27/2008 1:38 pm
bonus track
My favorite german has given me a compliment! User Image


Holy Pigglesworth, Batman!


User Image

In order to grow, the bad parts must be cut away from the whole.