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XxNeonBunniexX Report | 04/24/2017 7:51 am
No I wanted to see it though
XxNeonBunniexX Report | 04/22/2017 11:41 pm
He is pretty sweet to, and not to much of a barker he really only barks if he is playing or freaked out which can you blame him. He is trying to make himself tough cause he is smaller than so much of the life around him. Loves to be in my lap and if the other dogs try and sit on my lap he either tries to nudge them off or climbs up on top and lays on them so he is the highest lol He is spoiled already and knows I will come running if makes a cry like he does a fake cry which I learned puppies do to get attention just like kids and so when the other dogs typically my sisters puppers are being to rough with him or they won't let him play he does this cry and runs to find me like he is tattling on them 'MOMMY THEY WON'T GIVE ME BACK MY BONE!" and I am a very protective mother I was like that with all my babies before him and he figured that out day 1. He will even walk next to me or bring his toy in my lap or next to me cause he know the other dogs won't be able to take it cause mama is right there and when I yell at the other dogs for being little stinkers and getting to rough he will bark next to me like he is going "yeah, mama yelled at you" like a very snooty bark lol I know I shouldn't baby baby him and he does pretty well socially with other dogs and especially people he never barks at them or is aggressive but I just can't help but get protective of him when he sounds like he needs me
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/22/2017 9:40 pm
San Antonio has probably never seen snow xD but i was in MA before and we had blizzards and shiz over there

Traveling is fun - department stores can be fun to work at! but if its only temporary then i would highly recommend looking at credit unions in your area and applying for their call centers. They pay good, have a fixed schedule and give you paid time off and vacation time (which u can use for traveling) along with other benefits like 401k and stuff c: OH and credit unions also treat their employees super well

as for savings, saving can get tricky n_n right now in my entire apartment there are only 5 things that are over 100$ - My bed, my projector, my laptop, my knives and my super amazing sound bar system XD cuz we all like good music. I spend like 800$ monthly on food alone @_@ cuz i eat out which i can cut down too

And as for blizzard, I used to play their games c: its the company i wanted to work for before i went fulltime with wellsfargo. As an intern you just need to apply xD you miiiiight have to move though

and nah .-. i googled that pic - i dropped and broke my phone so i don't have any pics from that time ; w;
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/22/2017 11:59 am
Well atleast you visited some new places even if it was a fam vacation xD and idk about you but i love snow and rain

Lets see 7 years.. NY > WA > MA > CA > MA > NM > TX (1yr each) and balloon fiesta is amazing! It takes place in albuquerque, NM and its the biggest hot air balloon festival in the US. I would highly recommend you going there atleast once (it takes place on the first week of october each year)

And I am living by myself. I like to have my apartment really chilly around 65 degrees and having temp that low would just cause issues if i had roommates.

I like to blow off my money like most ppl do xD but i've been holding back.. Tax return and bonuses helped me get where i am right now. I will suggest opening a saving account and throwing in a few hundred bucks on every paycheck. That's what I did and it worked

As for my work, I work as an accessibility test lead for wellsfargo c: when i went fulltime, my manager offered me to move to my family (cuz i was such a good contractor before i got hired xD) and now i work completely from home, its nice. I get to be lazy in bed too from time to time.

So what's your work on right now >o>? even though its a temp job?

Blizzard entertainment is looking for new interns xD thats a fun place to apply for if you wanna give it a try
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annie_hamilton Report | 04/22/2017 8:55 am
Hello there! Thank you so very much for buying from me! I really appreciate it!
XxNeonBunniexX Report | 04/22/2017 3:06 am
I started crying the night I got Yoshi, because it was hard calling him a good boy and such since Magee was my only boy. I was even worried I made a mistake in taking on another baby, afraid something would happen to him like he wasn't healthy or something. I started to cry when he got a clean bill of health at the vet the other day I had been up sleepless nights worried about every little thing that could be wrong and to hear he was good and healthy it brought tears to me.
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/21/2017 4:44 pm
Holy crap that comment under mine is HUGE
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/21/2017 4:43 pm
haha chances are that I will never be changing this username - way too many ppl know me by this name razz

Oh! U finished school?? Are u working now like a grownup? lol and how was disney land and the mountain with the snow .-. (I think most mountains are like that)

As for myself.. I saw the most breathtaking balloon fiesta! hmm.. I went back home after 7yrs as well XD and now i've moved down to San Antonio Texas (wooooo) - as for romances, nah. I have kept my distance from relationships - I have been dedicated mostly towards making $$$ so i can buy a house (which I may be getting this december =o)

Other than that my work is completely from home and I am still eating the best food everywhere I travel to
XxNeonBunniexX Report | 04/21/2017 12:10 pm
I only have him and y other dog Jenna who is getting up in years and isn't doing to well, so she probably won't be around much long sister has two dogs and her cat and then my mom has her dog
This all started when my sister lost her dog Hollister (yes, I know the name is weird) He had gotten cancer on his head and we tried and tried to save him, but he ended up dying from a seizure in the middle of the night. Then my mom's dog who was much older and was doing good, but I think losing Hollister put him over the edge or something because he just got so bad so fast. And then my kitty I knew it was coming he was 18, but he was eating still everyday like normal and playful and active, but I could feel it he started to cry a lot and then started to eat less and less and I tried everything to feed him even by hand. My mother told me it was time to let him go and the next day he was sleeping one of his fav spots he went to get up and walk to me and he fell over and then cried this horrible cry that I knew what it meant. He couldn't get up and I couldn't help him other than stay by his side my mother thinks he had like a seizure or something I can't quite remember the word she said. We tried to get him to the vet but he passed away just as we got the car ready. When he brother died from liver cancer qutie a few years ago he did that same cry and held out his paw reaching and that's what Magee did too he couldn't get up but he was reaching for me and pulling himself as close as he could get to me my poor sweet boy. I grew up with this cat and he was my everything helped me survive the horrible nightmares and depression. Was my sense of comfort in my darkest days and now my Jenna is getting there I can tell and there is nothing I can do because it's part of life she didn't take losing Hollister well either and now she is losing all her friends she grew up with. Only my sisters cat Sapphire and her remain from that group I grew up my sister got a puppy a few months after Hollister passed a small dog cause they live longer and my dad said no cause he didn't like chihuahuas at the time, and then he fell in love with my sisters dog and so he got my mother and him their own to help after Snoopy's loss and then y sister got a surprise other puppy from her boyfriends mom and they all had these puppies they had me care for and help raise and then at the end of the day and weekends they take them away. Losing Magee has been so hard, because I was so used to having him around every day for 18 years since I was 5 he slept on my bed and followed me and we were attached at the hip. And to lose him and have no cuddle buddy at night when my nightmares get so bad cause he was just the right amount of comfort ya know? He was my baby and so my parents decided to get me Yoshi because once I lose Jenna I will be all alone and it's bad enough losing the family dogs but my baby it all was just to much. They are all close in age so it's to be expected they would all go around the same time....
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/20/2017 8:04 pm
Yeah I haven't been active much razz 2015 sounds about right for our last chat

And I have been overly busy with Work! I am done with school (wooooooo) and now i'm an accessibility consultant who makes live easier for blind ppl <.< how cool is that?

and hey xD as long as there's good in your life, it balances out!! Are you still in school? Have you had any adventures over the past two years?
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