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Justine DaFront Report | 05/24/2017 1:10 am
Yeah, I've got used to it by now but I still remember when 500mil could buy most of the items you wanted, including some '03 and '04 items in the mix..
My wishlist is completely full as it is, I just now save the other items I want as bookmarks on my browser and then add them later. If I can save up and afford the ones on the wishlist, I'll try and buy them xD

Jobs offers are are pretty awful, you're either doing things like that or working somewhere decent but still overtime and underpaid.
I'm actually loosing it, it's being rather tough finding a job.
Justine DaFront Report | 05/23/2017 12:51 am
It's not like I actually buy anything from the marketplace like that, I'm actually broke.. I have 500mil lol
but I do enjoy watching new items and adding them to my already huge unattainable wishlist.
It's not like I can't be a good saleperson but those call center jobs here are basically exploration, you work a lot under poopy conditions, you barely get paid (there are times you don't even get paid) and everyone ablve you is trying to ruin you.
as for the gypsy type of job outside, most of the time, they're not even legal or they say its for some social cause like sick kids and whatnot but the money never gets out of their pockets.
Justine DaFront Report | 05/21/2017 5:02 pm
To be honest, I'm not quite sure what made me push on.. Maybe I was stubborn and had nothing better to do.. maybe i'm just crazy and have way too much time on my hands.
oh no, i shouldn't be checking up new stuff on the marketplace.. my wishlist is ridiculously massive and it seems to never end, unlike my funds.
I believe I was looking at the 2Be recolor, because I heard someone talk about it.
In regards to the job situation, I'm willing to take any job unless it's a call-center or if I have to hang outside pestering people and selling random stuff to them like your neighborhood dealer.
Your name is quite memorable, yes. heart
Justine DaFront Report | 05/21/2017 1:07 pm
I know it sounds awful at first but if you're into challenging yourself and/or borderline bold, starting from nothing isn't that impossible. Although, I really did felt like quitting​ a lot.
I wish I could find all my friends and get in touch with 'em like this. I found you on the marketplace, while on "window-shopping" and I was so happy to see your name haha
Being unemployed is stressful where I live and mainly because I have life objectives to achieve and without funds I'm going nowhere.
oh no, losing your job over sickness would have been awful! Glad you are better!
Justine DaFront Report | 05/21/2017 12:51 pm
Yes! I'm glad you still remember me!
Yea, I guess Gaia does have the remember my password thing but it felt refreshing starting from scratch again, in a time where everything is overpriced.
I miss my old Airgasm friends tho, I think most of them are gone anyway or are probably just away from gaia like you are.
I can't complain about how I've been.. Other than being unemployed, everything is fine
it sucks to be sick tho mad
Justine DaFront Report | 05/21/2017 2:30 am
Thank you for the compliment!
You may know me by my previous account, Airgasm.. or maybe even Ice Leaf, from my '05 days o;
I had a feeling you weren't active or that you had quit Gaia.
I quit for a while too but ever since I forgot about my old account's login details, I started with this new one. I thought all of my friends were gone too.
How are you? How have you been?
Justine DaFront Report | 05/20/2017 2:15 am
Hey Shiro!
Are you still active on here?
mafia18 got banned Report | 05/01/2017 11:01 pm
we are all awkward when we meet new people xD but once u get to know them.. then you can throw ur freaky side at them lol
c: if u ever decide to travel, make sure u go to renton WA. That place is by far my fave ; w; so pretty n so perfect to live ur life in

And what language does ur family speak c: my mom speaks urdu which is my native language - she can understand and write english but talking is not her forte

As for my nephews, yes they are little and they are adorable xD I don't get to see them as much as you do but i think in a year I get to see them atleast hmm 9ish times?
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/29/2017 2:44 pm
ofcourse c: I love to travel, its always fun and you meet all kinda new people
If u travel with someone then its obviously going to be more fun but I have noticed that if you are with someone then you have to limit yourself too xD which I don't really like

I think if you turned your sister into a man then that would be me @_@ cuz i love all those same things
Perhaps its time to meet some new relatives with your family c: this way you will also get to see some new places?

>.> my youngest nephew is 2 and about to turn 3 and my oldest is like 5 ; 3; they luv on me. My family is scattered all over the US so i don't see them as often as you see yours xD but whenever I leave, they always start crying
mafia18 got banned Report | 04/26/2017 3:26 pm
o crap i didn't even notice you left a comment xD sorry about that
I used to do contracting, generally jumping from one company to another - each contract lasted a year and thats why i had to move. All of my friends were in school back then and some of them are still in school.. they wouldn't give up education to travel soooo thats how it was.
And traveling is fun <.< I like it, i get to eat all kinds of food c: you should def try it too. My family is pretty scattered so I visit my mom about every 6ish months and i get to see my neices and nephews around that time too. How old are your lil nephews/neices?
and shh.. no one needs to know how clumsy i am ninja
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