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Birthday: 12/14




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Amethystophia Report | 12/11/2017 8:36 am
Ah cute avi! The tilted glasses is a nice touch! heart
Justine DaFront Report | 12/11/2017 4:41 am
All is good! My yard was a wreck but we're good lol
It was flooding when I got home last night from work, so I had to stand in the rain, pushing water away, like a retard lol
Justine DaFront Report | 12/10/2017 5:23 pm
i'm good, there's a storm going through and I don't even know. xD
Justine DaFront Report | 12/10/2017 4:59 pm
so, are you any better?
How was your day?
Justine DaFront Report | 12/09/2017 5:05 pm
oh god, that's not bueno!
i hope you get well soon!
Justine DaFront Report | 12/09/2017 4:31 am
oh no, poor shiro!
is it a common cold or something worse than that?
Justine DaFront Report | 12/08/2017 4:07 am
actually, since they are really overpriced right now, my junk is not that worthless at all. c:
but it's still relatively cheap.
How about you? What have you been up to?
Justine DaFront Report | 12/07/2017 3:58 am
It's such a hassle to open all of them.. and then i'll have a lot more items to sell.
that's no bueno. xD
Justine DaFront Report | 12/06/2017 7:35 pm
I have a lot of them because I log everyday, but they're all worthless garbagio. xD
You got this, sell all the things!
Justine DaFront Report | 12/06/2017 6:52 pm
yeah, I've never played any of them because i know they're terrible and I already have enough stuff I need to get rid of. lol
what're you up to?
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