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Shirase here!

Ohisashiburi da ne, minna! It's really been a while, hasn't it? University has come and gone by me, so here I am, finally. I've returned among the living in Gaia, but now I feel like a complete stranger. I may have to catch up with what's going on these days.

Hello once more!

What's been up?

Nothing much. The fact that I'm making noise here once more means I have enough time to kill to visit my account. It also means that I have also have the time to kill between deadlines. What's new, I guess, was that I've recently started to work as a part-time mangaka.

You read it right.

I don't have the average workload that mangaka were usually given, considering I don't have a team of my own, so my quota is considerable lighter. Still, a deadline is a deadline, and I need to get stuff done every week. -laughs-

I'm not complaining, though. I love drawing, so I don't mind at all. Needless to say, that's one thing off my wishlist. Personally, though, it's best if art is kept secondary to your main occupation. It won't necessarily feed you. Take it from me. ^^ Being a mangaka is only my secondary job.

Well, that's enough about me! Shira-kun is still the same weird person.

Don't worry.

I don't bite. Still.

The Art Shop


~ Link to the Art Den - the Shop ~

Shirase graciously bows you into the shop.

"I have recently reopened after a long period of absence. As you can see, my shelves are rather barren. However, I have some new stock available that might interest you."

He walks through the newly-installed shelves and gestures at the merchandise.

"Should you be looking for Square avatars for forum use, I have opened the registry for five customers. Of course, you have a choice of having them packaged as:

Black and white..



"Black and whites come in two variations.
Penciled, inked or digital sketch/inked.

"Colored merchandise are only available in digital."

Shirase nods and walks to the counter further back. He pulls out a clipboard and flips through a few pages.

"Prices for each artwork start at 10,000,000 Gold. Of course, if you wish for an offer or on a budget, I can entertain such matters as well. I greatly appreciate generous ones."

He smiles warmly and bows once more.

"I hope you would visit again. Thank you."

Dream Dubs - Nanatsumi no Monogatari

-Auditions Ongoing-

This is an animanga project! An animanga means manga illustrated as an animated/semi-animated video.

Want to hear what our members sound, in the zone? Here's something for you to listen to! We're currently going through those who have turned in their auditions so far!

What we're looking for:
-Fluent or at the most with the slightest accent in english!
-Able to express characters well! (No need to be shy!)
-Microphone or headset microphone available!
-Active and easily reached online!
-Can get along with teammates well!


(Voice of little Rin and Kaai Yuki)
(Voice of Kagamine Rin)
(Voice of Kagamine Len)
(Voice of Kamui Gakupo)
(Voice of KAITO)
(Voice of MEIKO)
(Voice of Megurine Luka)
(Voice of Hatsune Miku)
(Voice of Megpoid Gumi)
(Voice of Gachapoid)
(Voice of Kiyoteru)
Voice Clip to be Uploaded
(Voice of Leon)

Old version of the Project
With the old cast. Busy schedules had some of us part from the project.