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I met Lux Fortuna in person for the first time in June of 2012, and am now married to as of July 10, 2013, the man of my dreams, and we had a baby boy on March 19th, 2013. We're expecting a second son in late July 2014.

Twitch for live streaming my art.

Idaho, USA, West Coast, etc.
bday- 7/6/92
Gaia bday- 10/21/06
no pets ):
140something lbs. Working on it...
2 boys (3 including Lux)


I love my friends on here, but I love the game Guild Wars 2 better than Gaia, so I don't get on here much. I only get on to get ideas for drawings..

"You can learn more about a person from an hour of play,
than from a lifetime of conversation."

"I've heard it said, that people come into our lives, for a reason, bringing something we must learn. And we are lead, to those who help us most to grow, if we let them; and we help them in return."

"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

"In this world, between one person and another, there is only light."

No Air - Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown w/ Lyrics HQ


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TigerLilyChick Report | 10/07/2014 9:51 pm
Sounds like there would be a lot of updates.
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/07/2014 1:42 pm
Since I'm mainly on my home computer now, I just go on my laptop once a week to do scans and to see if any updates to Ubuntu (the Linux operating system I have on a virtual machine) need to be made.
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/07/2014 12:06 pm
I probably tell people about what I did with my laptop and they say "I can go online."
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/02/2014 2:33 pm
It's just the laptop I used at college. I also have a virtual machine running a Linux operating system on that laptop too.
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/02/2014 12:07 pm
That's the job I want. My focus in my major was computer forensics, so I learned about cyber security stuff and I even have my own forensic toolkit in my 8-gig flash drive. Plus, my laptop has basically been turned into a forensic workstation.
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/02/2014 12:02 pm
The company does information risk management, but the cyber analyst job will have me mainly analyzing cyber attacks and threats on social media. There will also be cross training so I'll be doing stuff focused on account management, product development, and customer success as well.
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/02/2014 11:13 am
I even thought I would have been the youngest one there, but nope. People in my class come from different backgrounds of jobs and stuff (only one person has an IT job). There's someone who works at McDonalds (he graduated high school this year), someone who recently quit their warehouse job, and even someone who has a different IT certification.
TigerLilyChick Report | 10/02/2014 10:53 am
Earlier this week, I applied to a cyber analyst position and the next morning, the recruiter e-mails me and wants to talk to me this week. Yay! That's something moreso with what I want to go into.

I also started my certification classes last night and lo and behold, I'm the only girl in the small class size of 8. I'm used to being the only black person in my classes (all that changed when I got to college) and I'm used to being in college classes in which I'm one of the few girls in the class, so this is completely new.
LabTech Kestin Report | 09/30/2014 10:00 pm
You need to update your profile info. It's stuck in the past! eek
TigerLilyChick Report | 09/23/2014 8:32 pm
Proprietary systems specialist. It doesn't pay as high as I would like, but I just want to get my foot in the door in the IT world.

My niece is a good baby too. She walks fast and has 3 teeth now. She also give me (as well as pictures of me) kisses. She just got introduced to regular milk recently.


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