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Shinji/Shin - Drow - Male

Self proclaimed Gakuran enthusiast and #1 pompadour sporting punk all around.

Be my friend? I don't bite.

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Draw me? I love art.

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Welcome to my corner of space.

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Self proclaimed Gakuran enthusiast,
And #1 pompadour sporting punk everywhere!

Not much to say about me here. I have many hobbies and I love to write.

I am taken by the very lovely Wren Fritsche but I enjoy chatting. I love to role play (even though there hasn't been much of that in my life as of late) and I hate real life drama.

OMG after opening so many chests and with help of my sweet Wrenni
the Jack's Illuminated Attitude is finally mine! smilies/icon_crying.gif


NaNoWriMo Winner two times strong~!

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[NPC] President Diedrich Wrote:
Did you know that I love you so much it clogs my arteries and I pass out and then drool for 86.4 minutes? IT IS TRUE! BYE BYE FOR NOW - BYE!

Aww Diedrich, you love me that much? emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

[NPC] Liam Wrote:
Shinji_Fumajime Wrote:
[NPC] Ian Wrote:
I was tempted to go find my old clothes just so I could wear them under my sleek new duds. The key to staying warm is layers!

Embrace the cold, get out and move around! Get your blood pumping and you'll forget that it really is that cold out~! Well, admittedly I still recommend something like a good hat and scarf.

Care to join me for some hot cocoa? smilies/icon_redface.gif I only have one blanket though.
Sandman may have stolen Jack�s eyes, but mine are only for you. Right now, that is. I can�t help that I�m in high demand.