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Gaian Name - Shin the Relentless
Name - Shin the Relentless
Age - 2,954 years old
Race - Demon overall, but a combination of several other beings.
Sex - Male
Appearance - His Gigai/Real body
Shin stands at six foot, five inches tall. He has black hair, that sticks up in the front a little. His skin is pale, his eyes red though they are not seen from behind the horned mask he wears. He wears a dark blue gi, ending at the elbow. Black skin tight complete sleeves continue from there down to his hands. The knuckles of his gloves have steel plates upon them, the steel marked with a skull. A black sash is around his waist, which holds his sword, the Romugeri Tengishi that is sheathed in his left side and his zanpakuto, Ryuu, on his left. He wears black Hakama trousers, and the boots he once wore have been replaced with ninja-toe boots that are made out of a very durable material, protecting his feet yet not sacrificing movement.
His Soul Reaper form
Still standing at six foot, five inches tall. He has black hair that sticks up in the front a little. His skin is pale, his eyes red, though his left one is concealed by a black eyepatch that has a skull upon it. He wears a long sleeved white coat that has a high collar and medium sized coat tails. White gloves upon his hands that go up to his mid forearms. Black, thick metal bands go around the wrist of his gloves and his knuckles. He wears a white skin tight body suit underneath his coat, a black sash around his waist that holds his white hakama trousers in place as well as allows him to have both of his swords, the Romugeri Tengishi and his zanpakuto Ryuu, tied securely in place. He wears black tabi socks, and white sandles upon his feet.
Weapons - Romugeri Tengishi, a katana forged from the remains of a destructively powerful black dragon that had been slain by Shin. It has the power to destroy entire villages with a single swing when allowed to use its maximum power.
Zanpakuto Appearance - Shin's zanpakuto is named Makai. It is of average length for a zanpakuto, five feet long and three inchs wide. The handle is eight inches long, four inches wide. It looks like a normal katana.
Shikai - "Feel the wrath of my hellfire, Makai!" Shin's zanpakuto then transforms into a seven foot long, three inch wide blade made of black spiritual fire. It is a powerful flame type zanpakuto, the heat can be felt for quite a distance. A connecting swing can burn an opponent to ashes. It can become a solid black sword as well, increasing its attack power by 3.
Bankai - Shin stabs his zanpakuto into the ground, causing an explosion of energy. Bakuhatsu Makai is its name. Hundreds of fire balls made of black spiritual fire circle Shin. They are used to block his opponents attacks, and will become swords of metal when he grabs ahold of one. The moment he releases its handle, it becomes a sword of fire once more. The more reiatsu he releases, the more fire balls are created around him. At maximum power, there are exactly 750,000 balls of black fire that move independantly around him.
Bakuhatsu Makai Entei-gen - The swords of flame are solidified, resembling his shikai at maximum power. The blades then glow with a ghastly black light, and will lance towards his zanpakuto and be absorbed within it. Hus zanpakuto then transforms, resembling a black serrated blade with a handguard that resembled the head of a dragon. His is covered in black samurai type armor. The shoulder guard resembling that of a fierce black dragon as well, just like the handguard of his blade. Black and purple embers floated around Shin, causing an intense amount of heat to surround him. Making fighting him at close quarters all the more dangerous and tiring.

This is the full power of his zanpakuto. Bakuhatsu Makai Entei-gen
Bio - Once the manslayer to the Emperor of Japan, he was killed in an ambush that had been performed by his own men...those he believed to be his friend. Ryuu Nogeki, had been sent to Hell for his deeds within the living world. He had been forced to fight his way through Hell, until he reached the Devil himself. Soon, after asking for a deal to be made, he discovered that this dark monster was not the one he needed to speak to. He then was taken down to a realm that was beyond that of Hell...where a being more terrible then any he had come across resided. Ryuu was allowed to be reborn, and given the great gift of immortality by his new master. He was given a new name...and his heart and body were discarded as his dark soul was placed in a new body.

Shin is a dark and destructive monster, he was a tyrant within the Hidden Ninja Village, he has constantly hunted Ryuji, Hayato, Keymoriah, Sonja, and Kiyo. He kills whoever stands in his way, has enslaved powerful beings to do as he pleases. He has yet to have been permantley destroyed by his enemies. He has augmented his body to make himself stronger and stronger all the time. Perfection is what Shin is after. Perfection and complete control of Gaia.
Abilities - Super strength (due to the upgrades and assimilation of other beings, Shin can lift a maximum of 5.8 tons), Super speed/instantaneous movement (due to the absorbtion of Jigen's power through cannibalism, and the learning of both Shunpo and Sonido), and Assimilation and absorbtion (Shin is able to assimilate/absorb any being or so long as he/she has or uses demonic energy/magic). Shin is able to construct a Hollow mask, to place upon his face and gain a boost of power as well as an array of Hollow skills. To do this, Shin just has to remove the eyepatch upon his left eye.
Vizard mask appearance - It looks like Shin's old mask, but now it is skull white. Red tribal markings upon it, and the horns are longer and a lot more demonic looking.
Powers - Alchemy, Mana manipulation, and Demonic magic/energy. Soul Reaper Kido, and Hollow powers as well.
Other - Shin has the Hōgyoku (aka the Orb of Distortion) in his possession. Shin has three power releases. Grand Seal Release Opening, Encore, and Finale. Sonja has seen up to Encore, or as she had seen it Part 2. None have seen Finale, yet those in Shin's service are anxious to see it in use. Shin has been shown to be immune to psychic manipulation of his mind and mind reading. Barriers that had been put in place range in the hundreds, each barrier a different kind of grouped personalities and minds that still reside in Shin's mind after he absorbed said individual.


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I think it is time we end this for good shin.....
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i hope you know what a blood witch is little shin if not id read up on it, its been awhile since we've seen each other and this little sexy shadow learned some neat new tricks. its a whole new ballpark so i wouldn't go stepping on toes if i were you till i knew what i was stepping on first.
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but you cant that's why you haven't,shin the pathetic, but i do know something you would love to know that only i know about your little hayato and crew, lets just say when its come to hating them were on the same side
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I have a feeling your wrong he wont come out for me ninja good luck with that one or not hahahahaha.
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Shin the Relentless

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