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Dissection of a Fool

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I hang around the Pokeforums a lot. It's basically the only reason I bother getting on Gaia anymore, since most everything else has lost it's luster to me. I'm a former Fighting type Gym Leader in the Pokelounge, the Chronicle of the Deities, and the Four Season's League. I am also currently the Cool Elite Four in the Rainbow League. I'm not the greatest battler around, but I do seem to know enough about what I'm doing to not make a complete a** of myself. The things at the bottom lead to the leagues I hang around in, if you're interested in checking them out.

Now for the portion that's about me. First things first, take me seriously at your own risk. I am not a known giver of ********, and I'll mess with you for my own amusement at the drop of a hat. I'm a bit of a nihilist hedonist, not seeing much of a point to life beyond enjoying ourselves in the time we get. If you think you can deal with those things, or at least look past/ignore them, we'll get along fairly well I think. Probably. Maybe.
According to other people I'm apparently nice, awesome, and various other positive things. Ask them if you wish to know why they think that insanity.

Lake Kindred Things

Obviously, this is a section about my exploits in Lake Kindred. Not a whole lot to put here really, just a list of Kin I have, what I'm training and anything I may be looking for/would love to have.

Kin I would love to have, but don't expect to get by any means.
Fossil Opposaurus
Blood Grunny
Jasper Cabochomp

Kin in training (Currently on rotation)
Wealthy Nyaruma - Level 19
Echo - Level 10
Night Echo - Level 6
Eerie Ghost Lantern - Level 5
Opposaurus - Level 2
Furious Aerling - Level 3
Cria - Level 4
Sakura Pegacorn Fluff - Level 3
Phantom Stagony - Level 6
Mystic Pixicroak - Level 5