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Birthday: 06/21


pros: i am a kind,random, and good at advice

cons: gets worried alot, can be mean sometimes

likes: fast food, talking to friends, video games, avi changes :3
talking alot XP
dislikes mean people,rude people,stalkers, backstabbers, people who bring up the past

also likes: c4,guns,katanas < btw i own a katana

anything else no well thats it i guees untill i feel to add more

i like fma,harry potter, captain america anything else u want to know send me a pm thank you for reading this ^-^ have a nice day ^-^

i just want to be forgiven for my mistakes those things i have done i know people hate me and say things about me but i make mistakes just like any other person so before you judge me consider looking at your life and the mistakes you made befor judging or any other thing that would hurt me ok?

call me shiba i am 25 years old am currently going through a hard time