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All About Shibaken

Hi! My name is Shibaken but you can call me Shiba for short. I'm a brony, furry, and otherkin based in California studying Graphic Design aiming to get into print advertising.

I'm a tea and My Little Pony collector, documentary hog, history nerd (with a slight fixation on disasters,) Pokemon fan since R/B/Y and proud, and zOMG player turned Lake Kindred addict.

If you ever need help in Lake Kindred, hit me up! I'm always willing to lend a hand. You can find me a lot on gifting/chat threads on the Lake Kindred forum.

- Thylacine furry
- Eohippus pony
- Shiba inu, Jersey Devil, Kitsune, and Unicorn otherkin
- Random gifter who strikes when you least expect it

I'm a little PM shy and forget to reply a lot. Nothing against you! Just spacy!

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Vandertoke Report | 08/01/2015 11:09 pm
ahh sweet c: congrats
Vandertoke Report | 08/01/2015 11:07 pm
Thanks for buying Synchronous Sunlight c: if you were looking for another i have one left, could do the 5% discount to this one if you were
Hauntzer Report | 05/21/2015 4:48 pm
I wanted to say thank you for recommending Pokevault to me for my DS case. I ended up purchasing the last DS LL Espurr Wanted case. It was rather costly, but it was also pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I can trust that it's authentic as well. Anyways, thanks!
Rookis Report | 04/07/2015 5:36 am
Thanks for buying my [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi! I hope you enjoy!
...I simply CANNOT find anything witty to say.
Chenrezi Report | 06/20/2011 10:54 pm
So some anonymous benefactor just sent me a flower... with a message attached consisting of my initials. My real-life initials. Probably a coincidence, but kinda creepy.
II-Metalman-II Report | 03/09/2011 2:27 pm
Methinks we know. I "saw" what you did there, in any case.
Yes, I like that terrible pun.
Chenrezi Report | 12/24/2010 10:55 pm
Merry Christmas, ya damn furry.
Chenrezi Report | 11/01/2010 8:24 pm
I'm a Deep One, dammit. You need to read The Shadow Over Innsmouth.
Chenrezi Report | 08/20/2010 5:35 pm
Wait, you're a 9? Wow, that really sucks...
Chenrezi Report | 08/20/2010 5:28 pm
Achievement whore. talk2hand



155 Taru's Vigor Opened, 0 Ember the Fox
ISFJ || otherkin (shiba inu, kitsune, unicorn, Jersey devil) || lives with pectus excavatum
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