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"To love isn't to look at one another, but it is to look together in the same direction."

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Eluria_Mendes on 01/16/2017
xHeWantsRevenge on 01/14/2017

-x- About Me -x-

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Status: In a Relationship
Gaia Member: For about 7ish years

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-x- Likes -x-

> Anime/Manga: Love most kinds,
always looking for new shows
so feel free to suggest any!
Currently Obsessed with: One Punch Man,
Another, and Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

> Music: I'll listen to pretty much anything honestly.

> Drawing: Mostly pencil/paper drawings
then scan and color in Photoshop.
Not drawing so much anymore because
I lost access to Photoshop.
Trying to learn to use Gimp for now...
it is not easy.

> Movies: Mostly horror movies
but love animated movies
(Disney, Pixar, and so on)

> Video games: Again, mostly horror.
Specifically survival horror and zombies.
Also really love fps games and older ones
(dug up mah PS2 games and
have been livin' in heaveeeeen~).
I also enjoy more laid back games~
Currently Playing: .Hack//GU and
playing Stardew Valley whenever
my bf is using the PS2.

-x- Dislikes -x-

Just rude peeps mostly.

And veggies I guess.
Except corn... corn is niiiice~

~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~