(((This is a roleplay account and also the one I mainly use. Not everything is true, certainly not my real name, real issues, and address, but much of the information fits me, oddly enough(not all, of course, though). I aspire to be like Holmes. Briazra Jazzlyn Sparks is my fellow Sherlock BBC roleplayer. )))

Welcome to my profile, it is my hope that I will be able to answer any and all questions you have.

My name is Sherlock Holmes. Just to be clear, the initials at the end of my username stand for High-functioning, Sociopathic Consulting Detective. I am the world's only consulting detective. Don't let the copycats fool you.

Call me Sherlock. Sherly is such a demeaning title, but my closest companions have stuck to it, and if you are one of them, I'll abide you calling me that, as well. They include Dr. John Watson, and the perpetrators of the new nickname, Reinette Lumiere and Briazra Jazzlyn Sparks. My elder brother, Mycroft, even had the nerve to call me "Sherly" once.

I have numerous interests, chief of which include mysteries(detective novels that are actually difficult to deduce are something I LOVE), texting, music, research, reading, science, walking, sci-fi shows(I would get on well with Spock and the Doctor, respectively), adventures, experimentation, and educating myself.

I have more than one issue, obviously, and I have little patience for people who fail to look beyond my eccentricity to see my intellect(and according to Watson, my heart), but I have even less patience for people who see my potential and feel the need to goad me into making precise use of it. Other than that, I'm a decent person, notwithstanding, whatever Anderson and Donovan might say.

My residence is currently London, England, in Baker Street.

My closest companions keep me going, especially John, though I don't often make that clear.
I don't know where I would be without them, but trust me, it would not be a very nice place.

I want to travel more and see the world, to not get bored, to protect those vital to my continuing existence (John, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Briazra), to solve incredible, mind-bending mysteries, have adventures, to do and discover things no one has done before, and to ENJOY THE ADVENTURE THAT IS LIFE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE OH AND HAVE THOSE BISCUITS BEFORE THEY GET COLD. IM YOUR LANDLADY, NOT YOUR HOUSEKEEPER DEAR.

Blast it, Mrs. Hudson! Who taught you how to hack my account?! ... I don't have time to deal with this right now! I have an important case!

{Sent from Mobile Phone}

(((The person behind Sherlock:

I love to write, I love to chat, I LOVE it when people pose me problems of logic, I love interesting things, I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and British things to the point of Obsessed Fangirlism-yes, I'm female. I suck at talking IRL, because my self-confidence/esteem is not yet in good shape, so I blather a lot. I suck at emotional stuff, so when I say "I love," it usually means "I care about" or "I'm obsessed with," and I really fail at hating anything or anybody, because I have trouble putting feeling into it. I don't get outside enough. I'm a pan-whatchamacallit, which basically means I fall in love with who I fall in love with, regardless of gender and whatnot. My favorite job-thing is volunteering as a Librarian. Ask me esoteric questions and I might be able to answer them! Owo I'm going back to college next term, luck willing, and getting a PAYING library job. I draw things, I write things, I make layouts. If you want to see any or have something made, ask.
Anywhoodle, if you wanna know more, PM me. I won't bite and I always enjoy making new friends. =3

Random facts:

Sign: Scorpio, Aries Rising, Libra Moon.
Year: Horse
Element: Metal.
Blood type: O
Allergy: Wheat.
Eccentricities: PTSD, OCD characteristics, Anxiety, and Dysthymia.
Eye color: Gray-Blue.
Favorite Drink: Hot, Jasmine tea with a little honey, at the moment (it changes).
Favorite Food: Gluten-Free Pizza, carrots, coconut m&ms.
Favorite Color: Purple.
Current Favorite Word: Horticulture
Current Favorite Subject/s: Language, History, Palentology, Criminology.
Current Favorite Obsession: Solving puzzles, Researching, making it out of the country for a summer, Serial killers(don't ask...), LARP/rping as Wilson and Sherlock Holmes.
Current Favorite Read: Sherlock Holmes, The Pendergast Series, I Am Number 4, The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson.
Current Favorite TV Show: Star Trek, Sliders, Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, House M.D.
Current OTP(One True Pairing)s: Sherlock/John (Sherlock BBC), House/Wilson(House M.D.), Germany/Italy(Hetalia), Kurama/Hiei-no matter what, this pair is always meant to be and always will (YuYu Hakusho).)))

My sanity is slipping out of my mentality,
Dripping thro’ the cracks in my anatomy.
I’ll abandon senseless empathy,
Embrace eternity in sociopathy.


Website: www.thescienceofdeduction.co.uk




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Sir Dark Hat

Report | 12/03/2012 9:59 am

Sir Dark Hat

I believe in Sherlock Holmes.
Briaz the Retrophiliac

Report | 06/04/2012 2:13 pm

Briaz the Retrophiliac

Join in our chat?

Report | 05/30/2012 2:32 pm


Thanks. 4laugh

Report | 05/30/2012 2:17 pm


No problem. whee
l 11th Doctor l

Report | 03/02/2012 12:01 am

l 11th Doctor l

The Doctor grinned. "I think I just might have something for you two"
Lady Skeleton

Report | 03/01/2012 11:59 pm

Lady Skeleton

"Come now Sherlock don't you agree it looks better on me anyway?" She smirks letting the coat fall open. "John, I know you agree."
Goddess Kalahira

Report | 02/05/2012 10:03 am

Goddess Kalahira

I needed to leave 221b Baker Street, everyone we ever knew, kept saying that after you were dead. Well, six months after your death. Mycroft believes the reason why my hand is shaking and I'm still using my cane was because he mentioned that "I see the battlefield when I walk with you." Since you died, I believe that is the reason why I'm still using my cane and my hand still shakes now. Mary is concerned about my health, there are days were I don't eat. Also, Mary offered me to stay with her since living here in 221b Baker Street was too much for me. Remember Sarah? Well, she did the same when you were still around, she knew that sometimes I need time away from you which is the reason why I spend the night with Sarah. Besides the point, Mary, she reminds me of you. Maybe that's why I'm finally leaving 221b Baker Street.

Since, no matter what I say won't please Mister-Sherlock-Who-pranked-the-whole-world-and-his-only-friend-with-the-belief-that-he-was-dead. When you finally decided to come back, you're starting to be a brat. What the bloody hell you want from me?

- JW
((Better now))
Goddess Kalahira

Report | 02/04/2012 9:12 pm

Goddess Kalahira

Last time I checked, I was just your roommate. Also, I met her four months ago, and we been dated for two months. What's bothering you, Sherlock? Really? I haven't even thought about proposing to her, I was too busy mourning over your dead body.

- JW
Goddess Kalahira

Report | 01/31/2012 12:09 pm

Goddess Kalahira

You're welcome.

Sherlock, you had me believing that you were dead. For three years, I can't always look at the past, and I just thought that I need to accept the fact that you weren't coming back. She's just my girlfriend, Sherlock.

- JW
Goddess Kalahira

Report | 01/31/2012 6:47 am

Goddess Kalahira

I thin so. I think I still have it here and not at Mary's place. There you go.
- JW


80% to having 1 Avengers cosplay in my arsenal.

Thank you for your donations, Briazra and Koschei!!

Currently Seeking: Star Trek: TOS, Supernatural, Sherlock, and Avengers (film) RPs.
Also willing to dabble in Sliders, Heroes, Eureka, Sanctuary, House M.D, Now You See Me, and Doctor Who.

"Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a ______!"