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Report | 09/24/2017 2:33 am


I was so impressed with your aquarium that I had to take a look at your profile. My eyes were immediately drawn to your zOMG badges smile Do you still play it? I need a partner to stay in some of the more difficult places that I can't get to on my own sad
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Report | 09/21/2017 5:37 pm


It's funny, something I saw on the news reminded me of BPP and therefore Gaia and y'all. How are you?
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Report | 09/17/2017 4:09 pm

Pesty Elf

I noticed the price changes in PhinPhang too..... left my 2 cents in Site Feedback. User Image
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Report | 06/28/2017 3:37 am


I know but I was just letting the fish die and I haven't been online enought to play other people's tanks. sweatdrop I log in daily just so I can donate my gold to charities.
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Report | 06/25/2017 4:19 am

Monki Li

Oh, thank you so much!
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Report | 06/01/2017 5:57 pm


thxs for buying heart
Remy LeBeau 1982's avatar

Report | 05/28/2017 9:59 pm

Remy LeBeau 1982

thank you for the wolves shell biggrin
AkiraTozawa's avatar

Report | 05/25/2017 12:15 pm


Hey, shells! Do you still need a "Taste of Fish" item? I've got one from a random chance thing, and neither of Da Gurlz want it. I thought of you since it has a fish tail pose.
Esme Marie Cullen's avatar

Report | 05/10/2017 10:05 am

Esme Marie Cullen

I figured it out - clicked the link in your siggy wink
Esme Marie Cullen's avatar

Report | 05/10/2017 9:51 am

Esme Marie Cullen

What is the "Project Platinum Ticket honoring Niamh CuinA" in your sigggy shells?
BrvxO's avatar

Report | 05/09/2017 8:56 pm


nice avi!
TIME L0RD's avatar

Report | 05/07/2017 5:19 am


I hear ya!! Its like we are seeing the human race going backwards. Just when we have made progress in many areas someone can come along and revert all the postive changes.

meandyoubaby's avatar

Report | 05/03/2017 2:43 pm


I love what you shared with Time Lord! Re: IKR?! It is KILLING me, this current attitude toward immigrants in my country. All my ancestors were immigrants - Italy, England, Austria. I've observed immigrants my whole life, and you know what? They WORK. They do the jobs Americans don't wanna do. When I was a teenager it was the Greeks. They were all coming over one at a time and working in family-owned restaurants (those people put oregano on everything! ). They'd send the kids back to the old country to find a spouse and come back. Now it's the Mexicans. They do a crummy job for a while, then buy a truck and a lawnmower and set up lawn care businesses. I feel that if you can get here, God bless you & good luck to you. It takes a couple generations (in my observation) for assimilation, but so what. All we've got is time. But the way *someone* is acting, time may be shorter than we think.
Sorry to ramble. I wish you the best of luck. I agree with you 100%
Sinna Lin Song's avatar

Report | 05/02/2017 10:55 pm

Sinna Lin Song

Thank you! It was really great to see you still here AND still doing aquariums!! I re-joined (Himechan Kitsune) and decided I would see if I could find my old account after I did. I could not believe it was still here, so the other will be my main account. Not sure if I will delete this one or let it ghost away. Good to see you! heart
Simply Keira's avatar

Report | 05/02/2017 7:26 pm

Simply Keira

Just saw the comment you left for Time Lord, and I gotta say (even though I just got home from work and don't
have the energy to drag out my soapbox) I completely agree with you!
TIME L0RD's avatar

Report | 05/02/2017 1:46 pm


Aww i know...i think Canada is the calmest place to be at the moment! emotion_hug i will be happy to welcome you.

I am excited to get away from all then doom and gloom and watch things unfold from a safe place xd it has been a rollercoaster the last few years politically.

It's refreshing to have a country so welcoming and happy to accept anyone with open hands.
mafia18 got banned's avatar

Report | 05/02/2017 7:11 am

mafia18 got banned

TIME L0RD's avatar

Report | 05/01/2017 6:15 am


smile hi hope you have a nice day
AngelaCloudMage's avatar

Report | 04/02/2017 2:59 pm


Thanks for the caches biggrin
Its really appreciated biggrin
But I am happy to give you something in return as well biggrin
August Star Of Heaven's avatar

Report | 03/24/2017 9:37 am

August Star Of Heaven

Nia as in NIamh Cuina? What happened, Shells? gonk
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