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My Week of Wonders

I am back in school.
I'm working a 2nd job.
And I do Zumba twice a week.

I love to rp...but with a 2nd job,
I've had to cut back.

Monday: Work & Online
Tuesday: Work, Zumba & Online
Wednesday: Work, Online & Church
Thursday: Work, Zumba & Online
Friday: Work, Outing & Online
Saturday: Zumba, Beach day & Online
Sunday: Church/Work, Nap & Online

Plans subject to change at any time.
Will try to let rp partners know before hand.

About me....
I have two birds...Riggy & Buddy.
I did have four...But I gave two
away. I love animals. My favorite
animal is the panther.

My name is Sheba...
Well, on here it is. I don't say my
real name on here...not that anyone
would look for me....but I did meet
one person by accident that is on
here....nice girl.

So, thanks a bunchs
for scoping out my page.
Have a Wonderful Week!

Well, if you want
to know anything about me,
drop me a line.