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RarityMainSix Report | 08/27/2015 3:25 pm
I had to requote you..
Didnt work out the first time
Redswordomega Report | 08/15/2015 1:21 pm
Letter SENT! Today! I handed it personally to the mailman when he gave us our morning mail! XD
Redswordomega Report | 08/11/2015 5:20 pm
Ohhh, pretty pretty avi!
Wow! Always make fun and adventure of everything though biggrin DDDD

My road test is tomorrow morning. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is how I feel right now hardy har har
MrsCha0tic-xTG Report | 08/05/2015 1:40 pm
no problem at all smile
Redswordomega Report | 08/05/2015 11:27 am
I'll be taking
heart Women's History
heart Introduction to Spanish/Spanish 101
heart Macroeconomics
heart Business Law
heart Topic in Statistics

What're you doing in the incoming months ^_^
Redswordomega Report | 08/04/2015 8:45 am
Sorry I poofed for weeks! How are you! I'm writing your letter now XD but school is coming up :3
MrsCha0tic-xTG Report | 08/04/2015 6:59 am
hey, there called honest amadea (tender steps) (:.
Redswordomega Report | 07/19/2015 11:46 am
The closest A.C. Moores to me is miles away XD and I don't drive and yes! I did love it super duper much. I can't wait until I send another one over. I just need a bit to think of a new pretty paper color biggrin
Redswordomega Report | 07/17/2015 11:28 am
Ahhh! I got your letter! It was meant for my last letter to be a surprise so that's why I didn't say "I sent the letter" but then when I never heard from you I got sooo scared that it got lost xD BUT IT TURNS OUT YOU SURPRISED ME BACK! I love you letter! It's so cute with rhinestones and even a Peggy Wax Seal OAO I made sure to open the sides so the seal is intact. It's sooo awesome! Next time I go shopping I must find myself some rhinestone stickies and a wax stamp toooooooooo!
TwistedLockInGears Report | 07/06/2015 7:05 pm
Yes, we sailed out of Florida.
I believe it was the Carnival for my 16th birthday ^_^

I hope someone left me a message.
I love messages.