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~Xx: Welcome to my profile. You can call me Shayame or Rose, which ever suits you best. I tend to be the quiet person out of my group of friends. I also seem to be the `vampire,` as well...not that I'm complaining, of course. Though, I do find vampires fascinating in many ways I haven't figured out yet. . . .I'm not a cold hearted person either, but I do love the cold weather; like the white bleached snow or as the rain falls. I would deffinantly pick the darkness over light...

...Like many others, I watch anime..I'm not obsessed with it, but I do still watch it. Some favorites would be Devil May Cry, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, and Vampire Knight. Along with anime, I too, also play video games, not as much though; such as, The world ends with you, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Death or Alive 4, Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, and Castlevania. I don't really watch television either...but I would watch scary movies or comedies like George Lopez or something like that...or shows like Truth or Scare, Criss Angel:MindFreak, and Scarred, or even some music related channels.

... ugh, my favorite colors would be `dark colors.' For instance: black, blood red, dark blue, silver, and greys. I love music~! Some bands I could listen to 24/7 would be...My Chemical Romance, Blessthefall, Silverstein, Escape the Fate, Bullet For My Valentine, UnderOATH, Slipknot, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Saosin, Avenged Sevenfold, Alesana, Papa Roach, Panic At The Disco, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lovehatehero, Settings, and so much more. . . . . . . . . . . . Personally, while we're on an artistic subject, I almost draw the whole day on really good days or on really bad days...other days I'm to 'blah' or dead-like to care or move.

um...... ._. ..I tend not to be too social. I suppose it can be hard for me to make friends, but I try to make friends....Sometimes, I do like to be alone, but I would never shove my friends away. Though, when I want to be alone, I'll most likely be alone. Being alone doesn't sound as bad as most assume it is.....Many people think that I'm too mature for my age, most of the time. It's very rare for me to do something extremely stupid.

Truthfully, I can be a negative person. I'm very insecure about myself; I tend to isolate myself and keep my distance from most mortals around me.... I am straight and have given my heart to someonesmilies/icon_heart.gif You know who you are baby~ I didn't think that I could love anyone or that I could be loved by another.. But proven wrong.
. . . . . . . I can be extremely shy around new or just regular people. So due to this I would most likely not talk and remain in a quiet state. Though, some mortals call me emo or goth ....I don't care if you do, but I sincerely hate and don't go by labels or your bloody little groups

Xx: More Information that I bet you don't care about :'D . . . . . .
Some simples things I love::::::
*As stated above ---> the cold weather: snow: and rain.
*Music: any kind of rock, any kind of metal, techno, and some Japanese music
*The months October and December
*October the 31 . . . Halloween~
*Friday the 13
*The number 13
*Drawing and writing
*Reading: horror, superstitions, or myths
*love adore my friends :] They're like my family away from home.
*Understanding people
*Darkness . . . or what some humans may call emo or gothic items, clothing...things.

Some simple things that I hate:::::::
*Blinding light D'x
*Country, Rap, R&B, and Hip Hop...some reason I just never liked these genres of music...
*Rude, obnoxious, ridiculously happy, loud people...I can possibly handle time around them
*Liars~ Jerks~ Cruel people~! {Oh my}
*Questions like: "What's wrong? <--when asked repeatedly--} Are you emo or goth? Why do you dress like that?"
*Statements like: "You should be happier. Cheer up, why don't you." and many others I suddenly forgot :[
*People who judge someone without getting to know them
*The hot weather :C
* Mortals who try to hurt or put down my friends...

Xx: Dream avatar:

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Total Value: 124,559,730 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Lucky the Cat
Carol of Ol\' Nick 2nd gen.
Black Sweetheart Mary-Janes
Monochrome Keido
Picolitrosso\'s Urn 7th Gen.
Carol of Ol\' Ebenezer 2nd gen.
SDPlus #36 Ian Doll
Flight of the Macaw
Demonic Anklets
Ancient Katana
Metal\'s Last Hope
Pale Marionette
Checkered Nightmare
Gogh Reed
Compass of Seidh 3rd Gen
Horns of the Demon
The Case of Pietro
Anurla\'s Amulet
Phasing Lily
Kanoko\'s Dark Reflection
Masquerade 8th Gen.
Hidden Ace
Pale Marionette
Pale Marionette
Stage Makeup
Shibuya Nobody
Chemical Love
Jekyll\'s Morality


Donations will be extremely loved and appreciated...All donators will be listed and kept in my profile....

I'm questing for a bunch of gold so I can obtain my dream avatar..
-I'm starting of my dream avatar with questing the Monochrome Keido. Please help : ^:

Generous people/ Donaters/ <3 /::

1. xnightmare91 ::::::: Black ops gear and Elemental wings ::: :3

2. XunidentifiedXmistakeX ::::::: Stone gaurdian mask, Silk bowtie, KoNfUzEd MoNoChRoMe ToE SoX, Sneaky the rubber ducky, and 7,000 gold ::: xoxo

3. Cinna-Bomber ::::::: Onyx kira kira earring with jewel, Water meat, Question mark mood bubble, Music note bubble, and Lunar sythe ::: :]

4. XO Exiled Love XO ::::::::: Frustrated mood bubble and Sweatdrop mood bubble ::: C:

5. Screamin Dark Angel213 ::::::: Neck Shackle, Chapeau Demonique, Heroes eclipse, and WTF hat ::: :'D

6. XxSilent SerenityXx ::::::::: Enchanted book and 70k ::: > w<


.....Alright, then. That's enough out of me. . . . . . Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate you taking your time to read this....if you did...


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Indeed, it is~ x3

While that is true, I often feel rather left out on there since everyone can contribute something pretty~ ; u;
And I'm much too lazy to even attempt at writings..One week I'm inspired and the next I come up short!

Report | 06/09/2012 8:36 am


You're welcome. c:
And yes, I don't frequent it as much either, I'm really only here for the art freebie thread. ;w;
I will check it out again, I'm not really on dA myself since I'm not much the artist. xD;

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I know your birthday isn't for another few days, and I know you don't frequent Gaia as much, probably not at all anymore, but I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. heart I miss being able to chat with you face to face. ; v;

Report | 01/16/2011 11:39 pm


I must've not gotten them.
I'd totally answer them in a heartbeat.
Well, I'm super ******** tired and have somewhere to go in the morning.
I'll start texting you more often, whether you answer or not. ♥

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Story of my life.

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Report | 11/09/2010 9:18 pm


Being really angry.

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"When you don't have anyone, then no one ever says goodbye.....
You don't have to wait for someone to make you laugh.....
Or to make you cry......"