Proper noun
1. A name given to a single sentient being with a poorly understood behaviour and varying outlooks.
"I'm Shay Rhoo or Shaylou if you prefer."
synonyms: non compos mentis, brood, neutral

Worthless Facts
· I have a profound interest sociopathic and unearthly developed characters
· I lack a belief in gender, we're all human at the end of the day
· Gaia is the only social website I hang around, excluding Youtube
· Complication is my middle name
· I tune out of the world with music, not drugs
· Located in a Minecraft SSP world
· Socially retarded

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Shay's Journal/Blog

A place for my new rant-lists sessions.


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I didn't know how to pm you but thank you so much! That item was from marketplace where you can buy the outfit thingy. But thank you a million times over! <3
Haven Himori

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Haven Himori

Thank you so much for buying!