"We are suffering for the mistakes they made because when the end comes, all that will be´╗┐ left is us."

-STRAIGHT EDGE (for the most part)


I'm one of the most accepting, non-judgmental, liberal, outgoing, laid-back people you'll ever meet. I love giving advice and helping others. I usually have the mentality and maturity of a a 45 year old due to past events in my life as well as events that are still occurring. I've simply been through a lot of s**t...I am, however, quite crazy and can act completely different when with my friends. I am a very misunderstood creature. With more internal scars than I care to count any longer.

I am an anime freak. My favorites are Oran high school hostclub, Fruits basket, Death note, and naruto. I am a band nerd, artist, a dark poet, as well as one of the most intriguing creatures you will come across. I am genuine. I don't and will not lie to you. I am friends with people ALMOST as insane as I am. I am a body modification activist, body piercer, as well as musician and eternal pain carrier.
I am becoming quite fluent in Spanish. A language that I have made a goal to learn next is Japanese... Oh how I love Asians.
I am a speed skater who also enjoys tennis, lacrosse and a good jam.
Those close in my life know my pain and my desire to be happy. My ultimate goal in life is to be the next well known woman in metal. I am atheist, but not one of those hateful ones that argue about it. I have a way of meeting certain humans tending to be like myself and forging unbreakable bonds with them.
My family has lived in Tennessee for many, many years.
I admire proper grammar and wish more people would use it..it really is a shame as to what the world is coming to with peoples views on the subjects of "sex, love and grammer"...woe, is me....

If we happen to connect, chances are I'll make your life a thousand times more crazy, complicated, fun, and memorable. There's a reason why I refer to people as their technical term (human)
..I simply don't consider myself one... If you ever care to find out why, gain my trust and become a close friend of mine; you're likely to find out~
Also, I am 'single' for the time being only because my other self is far away... I ask that you try and not flirt with me..I know who I want...who I need. After all the bullshit I've been through, all I want is her. I've waited a long time for her and if I have/had to, I'd wait the rest of this life~

I am the craziest metalhead you'll ever meet.

~ I am the Meridional Blasphemic Dehumanization WoLf~




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xxwafflexx c u m

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xxwafflexx c u m

awh :/ u are alright for everything.?
xxwafflexx c u m

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xxwafflexx c u m

its fool suck xD wanna chat?
xxwafflexx c u m

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xxwafflexx c u m

what u doing :O
xxwafflexx c u m

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xxwafflexx c u m

nothing much u?
xxwafflexx c u m

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xxwafflexx c u m

hai c;
xxwafflexx c u m

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xxwafflexx c u m

hey ;o