y u creep me

Herro, I am Shatter. I am on Gaia pretty much purely for the Art Shops, I enjoy whoring art and and drawing art.
I am bad at socializing, so I don't really try to make friends on here.
But if we become friends, I will probably troll your artshops or something, trololol.

Please do not send me friend requests simply because I did a commission for you. I would prefer to friend those I have gotten to know first, sorry!


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xMilkita Report | 08/02/2016 7:19 pm
this is me replying years later because ...just because. IM LAZY MAN IM LAZY BABY. QwQ
but yea im done with my 2 year degree. but i need the BFA. (thats 4 years) some ppl go for more. i just fine more then 4 years useless. depends tho. on what u plan to do in the future. im not sur ei even need 4 year. its just if i dont make it. 4 year in anything works for every common job out there. LOL hey hey dont go killing off cherry -3-....im sure she will show up anytime now. like next year...or winter break -v-...
xMilkita Report | 07/27/2016 8:57 pm
god im so confused where we are in the chat and what we talking about.... lol

I got my 2 year degree. im able to work as a designer now. just no experience. xDim going for bach tho so 2 more years n then im out. and hello horrible world that im not ready for xD.... i saw ue new shop/ u no couple D< ... and yea ur shops always look nice. u and cherry haha. i remember how we opened that forum together and both of u have pretty layouts and mine was so basic LOL
and u you two were like "HERE JUST COPY AND PASTE THIS SO URS DONT LOOK TOO PLAIN" OTL. i dont htink im art blocking except i dont have time to draw except like maybe a few hrs at night and a few in the morning but even so i sometimes just sleep or go on youtube xD
xMilkita Report | 07/22/2016 9:44 pm
my slow a** comments LOL. sry xD. i do them online more then i do them in person. maybe i should be more personal about s**t rolleyes im a introvert after all stare

yes my uni / college HAS A CAREER CENTER! dk about website. i know nothing about my school even tho i have...gotten a associate degree joy LOL. i dont have time to walk around in heat rofl im on the trade like 50% of my life atm. stare no money there~ stare
xMilkita Report | 07/17/2016 10:05 pm
ur gonna think i have problems for this what im about to say next but...it felt reasonable at the time. well it wasn't a interview..well it was a like a job fair idk. they could set a interview after. but it was like 98 degrees that day. and anyone would think im crazy if im wearing a suit out that day. i dont have short sleeves -_- ~ so i didn't go. but my friend told me anothe rplace is hiring so ill be checking that places out. im barely alive because im always "at work" no "on the train" because thats where my life is. =3= and trying to finish up thse commissions but its hard
xMilkita Report | 07/14/2016 11:57 am
i landed a interview. thats all LOL. and welcome back xD im semi dead too. im doing my commissions but they so slow ._. its not even funny lol
xMilkita Report | 05/26/2016 9:10 pm
i want a job. and my parents are stopping me because its summer atm. but no one is hiring me lol that blank resume is not persuasive enough. but yea.
xMilkita Report | 05/25/2016 11:27 pm
QwQ im sry babe. i dont play lol. D: n a job! im so jelly!
xMilkita Report | 05/18/2016 3:28 pm
xMilkita Report | 01/23/2016 9:31 pm
i couldnt have been in san fran vacationing for a week (last week) if i started school right xD? besides colleges usually have a month off for winter ;P. i had hw tho. i just didn't do it. so im doing it now . hopefully ill finish in time. in my mind i can xD.

and thats odd to draw that way o.o since u dont get much like that do u? idk i guess i can never be that kinda artists because im too damn greedy haha. xD. i think i also earn less that way? you know how like th emore ppl want ur art the less that comes out the more expensive it is? something like that. but with me...i accept all so it would be priced less kinda idea. but well in the end i price myself. you gimmie less i give u less (unless i like ur character a lot. or i dislike it) but usually ppl get more then they paid for because i was testing something o.o

i guess i dont get anxious because i dont mind keeping ppl waiting. i feel bad but at the same time they have to know i have a life o.o and this isn't RLC. im also really carefree about deadlines when i commission ppl so i expect ppl to give me to same timeline. but yea something that like. im pretty quick if im in the mood. its hard when i lose the mood for someones characters tho. and i work less well with piled commissions x.x like if ppl order 3 drawings at once. (because i want th emoney right away~ and i can't get it till after i finish all of them and then i slow down after the first one. =v=.... that might be the only reason i get more $$ then u and cherry o.o i draw more for others in commissions xD last two weeks before the vacation i drew for myself tho. still working on that character sheet might try to finish up after my hw is completed
xMilkita Report | 01/22/2016 8:27 pm
honestly its all ok. because after coming back from san fran i have literally 3 days before school starts ( 2 now) and im getting all these school emails now. im soo killed atm. so im just losing track of life too. vacation makes u lose track of life. like its hard LOL.

i was never in any cliches on gaia lol so i would never know even if i was always around. "SURPRISE!" popular artists? that still exists now tho i think. like CB artists they called. but they have their shop somewher ein the art shops. but regardless of bumps they get customers haha. and thats nice to know we chill haha ( i bet we chill because we getting killed by life haha so when we here we trying to run from it xP ) i actually dont remember what art shops from back then were like...i think back then it was easier for me to go into ppls shps and just drop off my art and prices like some interview haha.

i dont think i even have a desirable couple look. like the cuter they are the better i like them xD. ( the less detail the more i like them too unless its t-shirt and pants, i like tank top and skirt) because of how fast i can dish the drawing out by then ;P .... but well im greedy so i take all offers biggrin .... ill suck at those auction houses where ppl tr to up each others $$$ to get what they want. because ill be here like" DW ILL TAKE ALL UR MONEY" LOL.

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