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My name is Rebecca.
Joined the Navy as a CTT

I am 22 years old, turning 23 real soon.
I love learning, and don't really care for working out by myself.

Engaged to a man named Savion. <3

When I get out of the Navy, and go to college I am going to become a great game art designer, and will work on big projects and have adoring fans around the world. :3

I love 3D design, and I will never stop wanting to learn and do more with Game Art, or 3D modeling.

I'm not so good with painting, but we all have our faults here or there.
I love my niece and nephew with all my heart and family means a lot to me.

I like all kinds of things, accept immaturity - and not the kind where you talk about gender aspects, but the kind where you make donkey noises at someone for saying something a little incorrectly. D:< In fact I hate people that make stupid noises in situations, or don't hold a good conversation and answers all five of my different questions with one word.

Oh, wait, I shouldn't angry rant on here huh? XD

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Thanks Captain Coosh

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Thank-you 51LV3R M00NL16H7!

Dave = Everything and anything. <333
Erick Moiter/Chris = The Gift of the Gods and the Gift of the Goddess (and other things I can't think of)
Superchaos5= 84k <33
Neos = 60K I think. (it was a really high number)
Scythe of Relief= Aquatica, & 3k
Thee Other Half - 2k
Theanator = 2k
Gates - Random Donations of all different amounts
Flofox= 200g (and a flower)
sexybeast1990 = A tank top.

(And to the several others before them)

~Thanks Donators~

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Thanks for buying! (:

Report | 10/19/2012 8:03 pm


I'm liking your avi. redface
Sigma Blu

Report | 03/20/2012 5:28 pm

Sigma Blu

80k ea limbo single?

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I just noticed a post you left on profile like in November (and never read)
And it was so filled with your love that I hastened here to reciprocate my own to
thee !
If it wasn't for you and your fabulous wee guild , I doubt I'd be on Gaia at all
all my lurve

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Happy B-day Shans Bosslady !

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Thank you!

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It's alright, I kind of have been too. Yes! Finally lol I just got it today.

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Good luck!! smile

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oh i thought you didnt like me xD and alright :3 but yer a friend of my oneesan :3 and i am supeeeeeeeeeer alright ;3 how are you dear? i lost a little,gained a little might tell you the details later if your interested ;D and are things going over there?

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Rocker biggrin


Hi. I'm Shans.
I'm a US Veteran and I live in California.

I've been to Japan, Guam, Saipan, Singapore and Korea besides the US.

Probably will only respond to quotes.

I am taking Avi Art Requests.
Below is a quick 40+ min piece I did;
Pay me in chance items? <3

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