Hello and welcome to my profile. I love animals and am on quite a few animal forums so if you see the name Shanan66 on an animal forum somewhere its probably me so feel free to say hi.

Im married and am prone to talking about my husband alot

If you ever want to talk to me or just ask questions about something feel free to send me a pm. i really and a friendly person.

Also i will do avi art and drawings of rp characters, animals, and dragons. if your interested feel free to send me a pm. Though i might say no if im not feeling up to it for some reason. but dont be afraid to try. im also a sucker for art trades so please feel free to ask me about them sometime. we can talk about pricing, im willing to lower my prices in exchange for an art trade most of the time.

i also love playing videogames. i dont do alot of online gaming but when my husband finds an mmo he likes i play it with him most of the time. right now my favorite game to play is skyrim and my current favorite mmo is guild wars 2


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Your sig pic is SO cute. I just had to let you know. emotion_kirakira

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Lol I just read your reply in a thread about bisexuality:
22 now, and I still like both. When will this phase be over rofl

ill let you know if I ever get there lol, im 25 and still like boobs

I have to say that comment made me rofl and I just had to let you know. Too funny!

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your avi is still looking as good as ever!

Report | 01/17/2013 8:13 am


I put her leash on her head and clicked for sad-face until she was being a ham. lol
Albino Sea Monkey

Report | 11/15/2012 5:53 pm

Albino Sea Monkey

Muahaha. My plan for world cookie domination is working!
Sweets will rule the world!


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Cool avi.
 Fading Fantasma

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Fading Fantasma

Thought you might like this link .

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Hey, I like your avi! Saw your post in a guild. heart Have an awesome day! cat_ninja

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Hahaha, pleco's will do that, their poo is so fertile!
Goldfish too, but they eat those plants just as fast.

Could be, and who knows how old he was when you got him. He might have just died of age too. Old fish tend to zone out just like old humans smile

Yeah, I tried it, I know it's possible. And I know I don't have the time to keep it like that :p
Can't wait to get a tank again. No idea what I'll put in it though.

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Aww, poor betta. How old did he get?

Oh the Gold gourami is such a pretty fish. A friend of mine once had a tank with gold and blue gourami's. But it wasn't planted, just a few plastic plants. Still the combination is beautiful. I hope you can get a large tank soon. That would be such a joy to have smile

My nano-experiment failed, so I want to get a large tank too now. I'm gonna wait a year though, since I probably have to leave the country for 3 months next year. ^^;


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