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Hello hello! Welcome to Shans Shop of Alchemic Wonders! For all your needs relating to crafted alchemy goods and services!

Prices ARE negotiable, within reason! Dont be afraid to send a PM if you would like to work out a small discount! An important thing to note, however, is I am only interested in pure (gold) at this time. In all likelihood, an item trade probably will be declined.

Need an item crafted in alchemy? Look no further! I am a level 10, and can craft ANYTHING! heart

Things I will NOT do, ever:

1) Give out any sort of freebie. Also along those same lines, offer super-massive price cuts on anything. Discounts are one thing, letting something go for a fraction of its value is another entirely!

2) Artificially inflate anything with you.

3) Make anything available for purchase with Gaia Cash. Sadly, the only way the hyperinflation will ever go away is if ALL forms of gold generator are gone. Therefore, my shop will not be utilizing this feature.

Other than that, ask away! And as always, thank you for buying! heart

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