Things about me..

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The meaning of my name is that I never run out of shampoo but always conditioner

I am a weird person. When I am with my friends I can be really outgoing. I panic when there is a lot of people around and tend to start saying weird things. I love the two colours mentioned above as much as I love getting gifts. Cute things make me blush >///<, like cats and bats and purple and blue and dresses. POOFY POOFY DRESSES. ~squeals~ I also like to draw, sometimes I do avi art, but I get distracted easily so you have to remind me if it is for you. I also sew and make little clay jewelry. If you ever stalk my profile say Hi, or look at my wishlist, OR make me cute avi art >~<. B-but if you don't want to you don't have to. Bye bye, come back soon. I hope we can be friends one day.

I draw, Follow me on Deviantart or Tumblr(like really don't my blog is s**t and NSFW)

dA: HakushokuNekono
Tumblr: NyaNyaShampoo