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I'm a senior. Just a girl, not doing much, but trying the best I can., major geek, major community service person, looking for colleges, playing the guitar and bass and drums and drawing and singing and writing my don't know =P Just a pretty easygoing girl I guess. ^_^

"Happy Days! That's when your eye came out wasn't it?" -Murdoc, Rise of the Ogre

"Moo with me!!" -Maureen, RENT

"When being yourself, the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind" -Dr. Suess

"God Bless the British Justice System, eh?" -Murdoc after arrested by said British Justice System, Rise of the Ogre

"An ego is a dangerous thing to feed." -Noodle, Rise of the Ogre

"Live, Laugh, Love" -It's all around

"If God was a DJ, than life'd be a dancefloor, and love'd be a rhytmn, We all should be dancing!" -...I forget what song

"Life is lame, so let me eat your brain" -Zombie Graveyard Party by Be Your Own Pet

"You're put to the task for a reason, and whether you hate doing it or not, do it to the best of your ability" -Me

"Try everything you can in life" -Me

"Put your own creative twist to things, because only you will be able to do so" -Me

"Forgive and Forget. Life only gives you so many people to trust before you make them turn cold." -Me

"Why fight? Be a lover!!" -Who else would be dumb enough to say so, but me?

"Love like you've never been hurt. Trust like you've never been broken. Believe like your heart never lied to you" -Me, though I think I played that from something...

"Welcome to my space STATION, STATION, STATION, COOKIE, STATION! Wait, did you hear that second to last echo? That cookie part!?" -Dr. Doofemsmertz, Phineas and Ferb

"What IS THAT THING!?" -Blue, d**k Figures

"I know this song! I can even play it on the guitar." -Me. Obnoxiously. haha

"You think you have problems?! Well, just look at me...I'M PREGNANT!! You didn't think male sea-horses could get pregnant. Neither did I, but LIFE HAPPENS!" -Mr. Baldwin, Fish Hooks

"'Before we die, I want to tell you something...'
'What is it Oscar?'
'I want to tell you that...I'M A PLUMBER!'
'And you're a princess! It's like, we're stuck in a giant video game and the plumber needs to save the princess. But this giant monkey is throwing barrels at him as he tries to get to the top. And he wears a tank top. NO PANTS!'" -Oscar and Bea, Fish Hooks

"If it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face." -Sue, Glee

RP Characters

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Name::Luna Godsworth
Age:: 16
Sexuality:: Straight
Race:: 1/2 Mortal, 1/2 Angel
Personality:: Luna has a soft voice, but she has a lot to say. It's a shame no one really asks her opinion, but she's hoping to change all that by moving to a new school and become more outgoing. She likes to go out of her way to make others happy and isn't very popular although she doesn't seek to receive the center of the attention. Boys frighten her and she turns red (like a pepper) and flustered whenever she does blush and doesn't like being compared to the vegetable. She's just trying to find her place in the world and the reason how she got her powers.
She also doesn't like when people argue. This is because as the tension builds up, it all pents up inside her to the point where she just walks away. However, she likes debate class and enjoys the back and forth where emotions are flying in a controlled environment. This is because she likes to use the passion that her opponent has to help fuel her own and eventually win. With that in mind, after a huge debate, she needs to cool off again and be by herself so she finds solitude in nature.
Bio/History:: Luna was born with the power to change the mood of another and/or feel the mood of the atmosphere between people. Luna has been born by a mother who she's never met and raised by her father in a large city. Because of this, she's always been antagonized by the emotions of the people who wander the streets. She never enjoyed the city or her school and always longed for the solitude of nature.
In class, she's never participated and had the occasional friend, but never anyone close with whom she shared her secret with. She's only had one boyfriend, and he eventually broke up with her to date someone he deemed was more outgoing.
Luna has always felt that she could never relate her birth-right gift with and for that she felt like a freak. When she heard of this school for the gifted, she jumped at the chance to get in and strives to discover others like her. Now if only she knew who (or what) her mother was...
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<3 Luv ya shay XD
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copy this to 10 profiles so you can get 10,000,000g it works im rich!!
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Enblazed Fire Spirit
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koneko thief
you need to add pics to your profile!!!
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hey I know you



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