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I wanna make this work.
I wanna show you that your perfect.
That your worth being someones first choice.
I wanna take you out and show you off.
Kiss you anytime i want.
Hold you close and wake up to you every morning.
I wanna meet your parents and give your mom flowers.
I haven't wanted something so bad as i want you.
Me and you.
I wont be perfect.
But i promise i wanna make this work, because you're worth it.


Things always have to change.
Fun things...Happy things...But eventually they will change.
Even so, can you continue loving this place?

- Kazaki Nagisa

The point is...that no matter what,
things are going to change,
good or bad.
But can you forget the bad and love the good?
Things always happen for a reason.

- Anon

You meet someone.
You two get close.
It's all great for awhile.
Then someone stops trying.
Talk less. Awkward conversations.
The drifting.
No communication whatsoever.
Memories start to fade. Then that person you know
becomes that person you KNEW.
That's how it usually goes, right?
Sad isnt it.

- Anonymous

People gain strength by living for others.
So when we decide what's right,
or what to put our hearts into,
we shouldn't use "for someone's sake"
as some cheap excuse.
That way,
whatever answers you come up with,
at least you've chosen your own path.

- Kevin Regnard

Up until now, I...
I wanted to know the truth because
I was afraid someone would get hurt otherwise.
But now, I...
...want to look at myself
and think about myself.
I want to find out what
I can do to help the people
who are special to me.

- Oz Bezarius

My name is Breathless
Because you steal it from me
My name is Memory-less
Because the past hurts too much
My name is Bond-less
Because they are all cut away
My name is Friendless
Because I'm alone with or without you
My name is Sleepless
Because I lie awake and think of you
My name is Painless
Because all there is, is the void
My name is Skin-less
Because what's inside me shows through
My name is nameless
Because I don't know why I'm not who I am
My name is War-less
Because you've already won me over
My name is Endless
Because nothing is resolved
My name is Loveless
Because I don't know how I feel about you

- Ritsu-chan

You can't learn to love
Till you learn to hate
Is that really my desired fate?
Why would I be stranded without a white dove?
Would I forget the one I love?
I desire to hate and look at the sky above
it's damp with sadness and dreaded tears
Why would I chose the path full of my fears?
I choose to lead myself to dark
This is making me fall apart
One cold tear drops by another
Will my heart ever regain its start?
It cracked open for everyone to see
this is not truly me
I desire to love instead of hate
This is my desired fate

- Anonymous

Hello my princess,the angel of my dreams
The one I love, though you hate me as it seems
I'm sorry I doubted you never again
I didn't want you to hate me, or for this to begin
I said that I loved you, it still holds true
And it always will that I promise you
So if you ever need me, keep the thought in mind
Because the love I have for you is not hard to find
I sent my friend to ask your feelings and he lied about it
And when you hit my face, it was true that I doubt it
Though I love you a lot I'll just have to move on
But your in my heart in case the legacy goes on....
Esor Evol I

- Fallen Angel

You know,
if you married someone,
that means you love
every side of your
significant other
that you know already.
So if you find
a new side after to love,
doesn't that mean
you'll love your
partner even more?

- Kirigaya Kazuto / SAO

Love. . . .
is a fight that no one wants to lose.
Love. . . .
is a feeling everyone wants to experience.
Love. . . .
is a mystery we spend our lives trying to solve.
Love. . . .
is a interest shared by all at one point in our lives.

Without Love. . . .
Life would have no meaning.

-Kuribayashi Kirito

I saw her today.
It seems like it has been forever.
She looks better then before.
I asked her how she was doing.
I'd pick her out over any girl I'm with.
I can't even look at her without crying inside.
I told her i miss her.
I meant it.
I love her.
I held her for the last time.
Then i went home and cried.
I lost her.

- Anonymous

Losing all my memories...
My personality would change...
I could accept it then, right?
But then, what does it mean to be reborn?
It wont be my life anymore.
It would be someone else's life.
There is only one life for me.
And its right here.
There is only one.
This is my life.
I cant give it to anyone else.
I cant get another, either.
I cant force it upon another, forget about it, erase it, trample it, laugh about it, or over-dramatize it.
I cant do anything to it!
We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we're given, no matter how cruel and heartless it may be.

That's why i fight.
That's why i continue to fight!
Because I...
I can never accept another life!

-Nakamura Yuri


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