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Hey! My real name's Katie, I'm 17, Female, and I'm obsessed with Inuyasha, cats, and almost any anime XD. Feel free to add me or whatever, but I warn you, I'm pretty weird.

So, whatever. I'll tell you that I am currently taken. My best buddy in the whole world is posted right next to my avi above. I have a messed up life story, but you really don't get to hear it unless your a really close friend. I will tell you though that I live with my Dad, step-mom (who is really frickin lazy and annoying!) and my step-brother. I have two cats as well: a Russian Blue named Biscuit and a really tan tabby named Cheeto. (no, he's not orange, for some reason.)


Facts on Inuyasha and Koga.


Hi! We're Sakura's step-siblings! Give us a shout if you see us!

Obviously this is her best friend. Don't mess with me or she'll kick your a**.