I'm a kind, quiet, caring person who often does the weirdest things on a daily basis. Like forgetting I have a door to my room and walk into it. I'm still used to not having a door so I forget I have one now. Anyway.. My birthday is June 16, 1992. I share the same birthday as friend who moved away not too long ago. We were both born in the same hospital, time, day, and year but two different mothers. We are not related at all. We both have a different mom and dad. When I found that out I was quite surprised. Even though my avi is a male, I am a female in rl. As stated previously I am caring, kind, and quiet. This may change if someone decides to try to be a jerk to my friends cause I will be a very angry, ticked off person then. I do not like making others upset, even when they tick me off. It causes me pain to know I may have upset someone. I guess it's because i care a lot about others. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can message me. I will listen and help you out the best I can. I will not accept random friend requests. I would have to talk to you first. I do not put up with people trying to "troll" me or others because it's wrong and sickening how people get a hit off of causing others pain. So, if you decide to try to "troll" me or a friend, I am not afraid of ignoring you. Thank you for your time.