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Delicious Fatty Report | 05/08/2009 2:08 pm
color=violet]I wanted to check your equipped list but its not on your profile. And I wanted to PM you but that's not on your profile either. Soooo what do you have equipped to give fangs? I know I'm slow. I haven't been on Gaia in over a year after being hacked. I'M SORRY. That is besides the point. So please, PM or comment me back with a response? Thank you.
naupaka Report | 04/12/2009 6:04 pm

why have i died?!!

i know ive been gone for a long time, but dead??!

aww, ive missed everyone soo much.

so here's what happened: my fam was mad at the lack of family time and too much comp time, so they killed the internet and when i moved out i forgot all about gaia.

but you probably dont even remember me since its been 4 years O.o *sniff
xXTikal_The_EchidnaXx Report | 01/11/2008 2:10 am
Hey Sahdow=]
Blazeing roy Report | 12/24/2007 7:28 am
lol what happend to the shadow profile
slientstorm Report | 09/11/2007 9:24 pm
I like your avi its really cool looking!
[~Shadow_the_Hedgehog~] Report | 08/14/2007 12:42 pm
[~Shadow_the_Hedgehog~] Report | 06/15/2007 8:09 pm
Welcome Backs for me! <33
FurryFireFox Report | 05/03/2007 5:34 pm
i hope your one of those people who check their comments. because people took their oun time to give you thier oppinion and it would be really mean if you didnt agknowledge them...lol
anicol001 Report | 04/05/2007 6:37 pm
kawaiii!!!! i love the shadow pic of him in a cape! i saw it on deviant art too!!! hey how ya doing? good i hope!
-sagax- Report | 02/24/2007 1:37 pm
Shadow's awesome

If your wondering where I've been for the past 9 Months Click me :D