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Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 09/03/2010 4:20 pm
Lol. Not as sad as last year in my MS studies and World Geography class, there was a senior in that class, but the funny part is, his little sister was also in the same class, the same block. MS studies and World Geography are freshman only classes unless you failed it. So I guess he failed them. Four times. But that's good. I wish my schedule was that easy. My first class is in a building in the courtyard, my next class is in the main building upstairs, my next class after that is in the other building next to the school, upstairs in the very back, and my next class after that is allll the way back in the main building on the opposite side of the school. razz

It's always super cold in my room. O.o Weird.
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 08/28/2010 5:45 am
Haha. That happened to me my seventh grade year, and my eighth grade year actually.... I got moved around cause teachers moved or quit or retired or something and then in eighth grade they screwed up my schedule. Cause we had a weird block schedule where we had odd and even days, and on odd days you'd go to odd classes (1,3,5,7, etc) and on even days you'd go to even classes. Well, for math they put me in a class that met everyday, but I only had it for one block on my schedule. They did the same thing for English, and got that right, but not for math. So, I went one day, class was fine, next day I go to my other class, go back to math the next day and they start talking about stuff I wasn't there for and I was like what? O.O So, yeah, they quickly switched me to a math that met every other day. Which is still dumb and I really hated the way they did classes in middle school, and go figure, after I leave they change it to seven classes everyday with out the odd and even gayness. I was so pissed. Lol. And it's where she puts a pile of shaving cream on your table and you smooth it out and she'll call out the definition of a word and you write the word in the shaving cream. I used to do it all the time in 2nd grade.

And so true. Especially down here. You can dump a tub full of ice water on yourself and within five minutes you're burning up again. The only way to NOT melt is to not go outside which makes like a whole lot more boring. XD And, dude, you'll get to drink hot chocolate loooooong before I do. It's still hot here in December.
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 08/26/2010 6:43 pm
Haha. I like school, I'm just so tired now cause I have Bible study in the morning that starts at 6:30, so I have to get up at 5:30. razz Most of my classes are fun. Especially health clusters. We did a shaving cream vocab test today. So much fun. I haven't done that since elementary school!

But, yeah. It's still really hot here. haha. No surprise. It's always hot here. But I agree. I'll take cold over hot. With cold you can keep adding layers to be warm and you get to drink twice your weight in hot chocolate, but in the summer there's only so much you can take off to stay cool. XD
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 08/24/2010 6:15 pm
Haha. Creepy. XD

Yay! It's pretty fun. I still haven't officially beaten it cause I haven't battled Red yet. And I hate you! I've been in school for nearly a month. Okay, three weeks, but still! Oh, and can I say that I HATE GEOMETRY! It's a legal form of torture. Interesting. razz I'm reading the Mortal Instruments series right now. Pretty good. I have forth lunch at school. I hate it. Although I sit with my friend Austin who is super freaking hilarious. Me and him have decided that there are too many lesbians at our school and not enough gay guys. So we, jokingly, were talking about writing a letter to the school board demanding that more gay guys be transferred to our school. Haha. Then today we were talking about something and somehow Austin managed to squeeze this in: "I would nickname my iPod Titanic, so I can say the Titanic is 'syncing'" (pronounced sinking) I love Austin. He makes my day. XD

It's been super hot here. razz I swear you lose then pounds in sweat by spending five minutes outside. X.X
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 08/08/2010 3:03 pm
Haha. I'm gaining a Mew obsession. I have a plushie that I bought in Disney world and it's so cute. heart

Yeah, I started school Thursday. >,> So far so good. I mean, I had surgery on my toe last Tuesday (don't ask) so I can't march in band for the next two weeks, I have a summer reading test tomorrow in English and I haven't even started To Kill a Mockingbird. I barely read Of Mice and Men. Lol. I read like four chapters, then looked the last two up on Sparksnotes. 3nodding So, needless to say that test will be rather interesting.

But, meh, it's been raining the past two days. And by raining I mean storming. Lol. I went to my friend Colton's house yesterday with Bev and we played manhunt at like 9 o'clock at night. The funny thing is, Colton lives in the same neighborhood as our youth leader so we told them to close the garage door cause we didn't trust them and then we took off running down the street and showed up on her doorstep at 9:30. She and her hubbie were in the middle of a raid on wow. xd Needless to say we won. We told them we hid in a tree. Haha. As if I could climb a tree with my foot that I just had surgery on. But his couch is amazing. smile They have like four really comfy connected recliners with cupholders and everything. I wanted to take it home. xd And hey! I have a friend named Trevor (or an acquaintance rather..) Who does nothing but eat, read, and sleep I swear.
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 08/01/2010 3:35 pm
Hahahahaaha! I don't like anything that can eat me and/or kill me instantly. Or in any other way harm me severely. I like watching sharks when there's three inch glass between us. AKA: Aquariums! biggrin And meh, our beach isn't very spectacular normally. We always joke that if you swim in it too long you'll grow an extra toe. :3 But it is fun just to go there and hang out. And yeah, the oil is driving all of the sea creatures closer to shore around the coasts. Idk how close they are to our shore, cause my friends have seen them all the time when they go out to the islands that are like two, three miles off shore, but I've never seen them. I have seen a pod of dolphins though one time. That was pretty neat.
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 07/31/2010 7:43 pm
Yeah. They might realize, hey, she never turned in an application for AP Geometry, and take me out of it, or they might just ask for it on the first day, in which case I have it. Lol. I won't be too depressed if they put me in a regular Geometry class cause that just means I can be smarter than everyone else like I was in Trans and Al 1. But other than that my schedule is pretty much set in stone. Which I'm happy about. Even though I don't have many classes with friends, I actually rather like my schedule. Cause part of me knows all of my friends aren't going to major in the same things I am, so we'll part eventually. Happens. xd We have a lot of places with the word 'gulf' in it around here. Gulf Shores, Gulf Islands, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Port, etc. Not to mention our area is called 'The Gulf Coast' The oil spill has been a major bummer though. Though I don't think we have actual oil on our beach, I think we're still getting tar balls, but that's enough to shut down the beach. And summer down here without the beach means everyone goes to Wal mart. XD Or the Yacht Club (place down the street from the beach with a huge pool) The funny thing is, they just extended our beach like two miles. That's two more miles that we can't be on. xd I wonder how close the sharks are to our beach. OwO I really wanna go sit and watch them and throw gold fish crackers at them. I'm not weird. I just like watching sharks from a safe distance where they can't eat me. <,<=>,>
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 07/30/2010 6:27 pm
Lol. That sucks. xd And yeah. Our names are weird. Mostly Indian names. There's a river called Tchoutacabouffa River. Now THAT is a funny name. Haha. And don't worry it's not on mine either. xd Gautier is French so it's pronounced Go-shay, but because of some of the people that go to that high school we've secretly nicknamed it Ho-shay. And meh, there are usually more non-white people in the South. And more Hispanic people in our area. They're everywhere. xd And they're all very perverted which makes me feel weird walking by. Cause the mumble things amongst themselves and I kinda wanna know, but I have a friend who's Mexican who says I don't. O.o And they normally reprint everyone's schedule on the first day whether it changes or not. Cause they usually screw up half of the schedules, then you get the kids who don't get what they want then they go to the office and complain and so, yeah. Hence why I don't judge until I get there.
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 07/30/2010 8:06 am
Lol, sweet. xd Now you don't have to wander around like a lost hobo. biggrin And that's cool. Guitar class?! Really?! Jeez.! What else DON'T we have?! I mean, we have our district (Pascagoula) that also includes Gautier High School (the town literally just over a bridge 20 minutes from my house) and then you have Moss Point (which is a lot closer to Goula(our ghetto nickname for our town) than Gautier is). Moss Point and Goula run together as far as how close the town is. Like, you go down one road, you're in Moss Point, turn left onto another road, you're back in Goula. It's confusing, but our school and Gautier are in the same district then you have Moss Point district. I was so upset cause I two guys that go to my church go there and they have a Japanese class. >< I was like: "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND A PLACE TO TEACH ME JAPANESE?! A LONG TIME!" I keep asking my mom if I can go to Moss Point just for one period. She can even sign me up to learn Kung Fu so I can take out all the black guys that'll hit on me. XD Yeah, in Moss Point the black to white ratio clearly favors black. Our school is pretty evenly divided. Lol. We all joke that everyone has an inner black child though. But yeah. I don't have as many classes as I'd like with my friends so far, but they always change schedules on the first day and so I really won't know who's in my classes for sure until the second week of school.
Mew_Emari-chan19 Report | 07/27/2010 7:21 am
Don't judge me! xd

And yeah, that's always fun. We did an experiment with that stuff in 8th grade. It was fun. I liked rolling it into a ball in my hand and then letting it melt and then doing it over again. biggrin Appparently if you have enough of it in a giant container, as long as you keep moving quick enough you can walk on it. 3nodding

And meh, it's cool. I just got up. I have to go to band again today. Not till one though. And we're going to see a DCI (drum corps international) show today, so that should be fun.


Well, it's been quite a ride, but I've moved on to bigger and better things. I certainly won't forget this site or the people I met through it. Gaia shaped a pretty big portion of my life, for better or for worse. So long, folks. It's been fun.