Shadow King Kyouya


Location: Ouran Academy

Birthday: 11/22

Occupation: Student | Investor | Vice-President of the Ouran Host Club


In Boston


Boku wa Kaoru on 09/14/2014

I am an Egoist

-smiles out of obligation-

Good day.
My name is Ootori Kyouya. Vice-president of Ouran Academy's Host Club.
-bows politely-

Currently making some changes around this profile. Please bear with any inconveniences. [/size]

Clockwise from top and center:
"Prince Type" Suou Tamaki, "Little Devil Types" Hitachiin brothers Kaoru and Hikaru,
"Natural Type" Fujioka Haruhi, "Loli-Shota Type" Haninozuka Mitsukuni, "Wild Type" Morinozuka Takashi... and then you have yours truly, Ootori Kyouya

The Ouran Host Club is composed of rich young men with free time on their hands to entertain to rich young ladies who also have free time on their hands. Each member of the Host Club has his own selling point to cater and meet our clientele's various needs. And mine? Why, I am delighted you asked.

A guest suggested that I put back this picture on my profile... since she fit into the target demographic, I complied.

I am regarded as the Host Club's "Cool Type." As for what that entails, most of my clientele are contented with observing me immersed in my work.

Oh, it certainly isn't as easy as it seems. I happen to have one of the biggest responsibilities in the host club.
To brief you, my tasks consist of some of the following:

careful event-planning
marketing towards our target audience
(young ladies of Ouran's high school division, to be specific)
making budgets and projections
tracking profits and expenditures
calling suppliers

...just to name a few.

Yes... all this whilst maintaining the top rank of Class 2-A and proving myself worthy to be heir of the Ootori zaibatsu.

True, these tasks bestowed upon me are daunting ones; yet I believe they are worthy of a challenge to my own abilities.To be able to accomplish these while making a profit along the way is something I excel at and enjoy.

After all, an Ootori is all about excellence.
That was something instilled upon me as the third son of Ootori Yoshio...
the very man who tied the medical care and business world together.

I believe it is my responsibility and an expectation to uphold that honor that comes with my name, like my older brothers have done.

...I think that is all you need to know about myself for now.

Ah, yes... and as much as I delight in making new connections,
I would prefer that we first engage in a conversation before being sent a request for friendship.

-adjusts his glasses to obscure his eyes-

::For further questions, concerns, and other important matters, please do take a moment to read this::

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Host Club Prince Suoh Report | 09/07/2014 11:46 am
Host Club Prince Suoh
[Hehe hello! whee
I was actually just bored and decided to turn one f my mules into Tamaki. I'm not happy with the eyes, but I think he turned out alright with twenty minutes to throw him together.]
Host Club Prince Suoh Report | 09/07/2014 11:16 am
Host Club Prince Suoh
*continues to pout*

[Oh of course, I would never try to replace your Tamaki dear *bows* just saying hi ^ ^ ]
Host Club Prince Suoh Report | 09/07/2014 9:24 am
Host Club Prince Suoh
crying *sulks in corner of woe, drawing circles on the floor*

I was just showing you how much I missed you mommy.
Host Club Prince Suoh Report | 09/06/2014 2:46 pm
Host Club Prince Suoh
Kyouya! Mon Ami! *jumps on and rubs cheek against yours*
Icey Shimmy Report | 09/03/2014 2:40 pm
Icey Shimmy
i'm happy to be back, starting the 12th grade, but im still happy i get to see my friends
Icey Shimmy Report | 09/03/2014 2:15 pm
Icey Shimmy
hello Kyouya-sama, hehe -she smiles happily- well how was your day? mine was amazing yasterday i saw my best friends and today im in same class with them :3
Jishin Report | 09/01/2014 8:07 pm
Jishin couldn't help a giggle. ** I don't think I've ever seen you need luck for anything. ** she pointed out -- though he'd left the phone aside before she'd finished typing, and there was no response. She stretched, got up, and turned on some music, since they'd been talking about it, and waited to see if her text tones would sound again.
Jishin Report | 08/31/2014 9:11 am
** Yeah, I guess that's pretty obvious. But I just like the working-man songs, too. They're kind of a thing for me. Allentown and Blue Collar Man, like that." Though the second was by Styx, not Billy Joel. She looked over at her own music collection, sparse as it was. ** I don't really go out of my way to look for music, either. Pandora does some of that work for me, though it hasn't been finding me new artists lately. Maybe I should make a new station. Or borrow one of yours, if you're willing to share? Do you have a Pandora account?**

She envisioned the scene, the group of hosts tucked away into their karaoke room. ** Oh, good luck. Like you need it, I'm sure. ** She still thought it was rather entertaining that they'd flown halfway around the world and ended up doing something they could do just as easily in Japan.
Strawberry Pandalaura Report | 08/31/2014 7:32 am
Strawberry Pandalaura
*smiles softly* Yes, I wonder.

Well, there are two things said about me, okay, I'm sure there are a lot more than two things; but these are the most said. I'm as subtle as a brick to the face, most of the time; and I have boundless excitable energy. I'm sure this endeavour will be quite fruitful with my energy behind it.
Strawberry Pandalaura Report | 08/31/2014 7:14 am
Strawberry Pandalaura
*laughs softly*
That it is. A certain double may have been the one to plant the idea in my head. *gives you a meaningful look and a smirk*

It just so happens I needed something to turn my attention on now that Volleyball season is over until next year.

[Thank you ^ ^ ]