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-l- Ignition Crow -l-
Shade Nightz bt=383838&p=1

I carry a Z-Saber. My Fist can get a bit Reckless. My favorite combo is Madness Hero. I also wield Beowulf & Yamato. I have a Varia Suit. I'm a Hylian Wolf. I'm timid but, the strongest Kong. My name rhymes with Rude and my weapon is a Claw. My Clouds are Dark. I open and close doors to hearts with my Key. I use dark and light Eco and I always have a Wrench. The Ultimate Life Form & The Blue Blur are who I am.

-Am; Guild Master of Faure
-Am; Boring(?)
-Male, 1992, Gamer
-Race; African American
-Want; Art
-Search; Relationship(?)
-Orientation; Hetero
-Making New Friends; Literally Hard
-Show Some Respect
-Elsword, Aura Kingdom, League of Legends

Gaian Son, Chad-