This is the shop
of Sgt. Nack,

Toy Soldier of
Dr. Steel's army of
Toy Soldiers and a
member of the Fort
Nelson Division #2007
A Toy Soldier Division.

I am the founder of
the Steelpedia News
Group. I do newsletters
every month about missions
done by soldiers. I also include
art and puzzles, even other
random stuff like lyrics
ads and much more.

But enough about me
how about you
see something you like
buy it, I dont set items
up for bid only for sell.
Dont message me asking
for lower prices because I
do the average buy price in the
market place, my items sell
because I usually make it so
that I put my items in for a bit
less then everyone else.
unless of course someone
is selling an item just to sell
it and it is ridicuosly low for
that particular item.

My prices are fair so dont
complain and dont beg.


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