○The Supreme Geijensu○

SG Zukamei Shimotoji's avatar


Name: Zukamei Shimotoji the Supreme Geijensu (S.G)

Age: N/A - Looks to be about in his 30's

Birthday: The peek of creation (Has been living healthy and lively since)

Blood Type: Zukamei's blood is nothing more than a gassy substance of mix element material, such are stones, gems, etc.

Skin: Slightly Pale (At night) || Light Tanned (At Day)

Ethnicity/Nationality: Ezclus Fei

Height: 6"7

Body Type: The way Zukamei's body works is unlike most creatures. While most creatures have internal organs that keep their bodies running and everything functional, Zukamei and the rest of the Ezclus Fei's doesn't, they don't need it. But how do they live like that. It's simple, they have a special seal that takes the shape of an orb that can take a large variety of sizes. The seal can be located anywhere within the body, wherever the creature wants it to be at any time it wishes. They also have the very special ability to regenerate any bruise or decapitation simultaneously at will, this may prove devistating (good way) in battle.

Hair color: Detailed white with royal blue streaks. And at the tip of each strand of hair lies a micro-sized energy absorber, which is blind to the naked eye.

Eye Color: The right eye is the color of ivory white || The left eye is the color of royal blue (He has covered with an eyepatch.)

Planet: Eztharvis, a planet with similarites of Earth but with similarites of "The" Sun. Although it may have similarities to the two, Eztharvis has it's differences. For one, while the Sun itself is too hot for most type of living/non-living beings and have planets circle around it in a circular manner and while the Earth have a more suitable environment for most beings, Eztharvis can render itself too cold for most type of living/non-living beings and tends to push other substances away from it. And just like the earth, it's a suitable environment for most beings but amost everything there is inverted from the original, how materials are used, how beings are created, etc.

Clan: Shimotoji Felsong Clan

Rank: Creator/Supreme Geijensu

Weight: 763LBS (Materialized) || 301LBS (Unmaterialized)

Habitat: Zukamei and his clan resides in the highest mountains of The Calm Summits. this place being his Zukamei's place of creation, The Calm Summits literally had a huge effect on his personality and partially his clan. As time passed, he and his people built the skyscraping castle by the name of The Shimotoji Citadel and the enormous area surrounding the castle is The Whimsical Ash Wilds that seperates the castle and the nearby villages. The legend has it that the S.F.C has supernatural rituals every summer that causes peace and calmness to reign over the nearby areas for a certain amount of time.

Personality: Zukamei has a tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic towards others. The trait reflects individual differences in general concern for social harmony. He value getting along with others. Zukamei is generally considerate, friendly, generous, helpful, and willing to compromise their interests with others. He also have an optimistic view of human nature.Zukamei is generally unconcerned with others well-being, and are less likely to extend themselves for other people. Sometimes his skepticism about others motives causes them to be suspicious, unfriendly, and uncooperative. A person with a high level of agreeableness in a personality test is usually warm, friendly, and tactful. Zukamei generally have an optimistic view of human nature and get along well with others. A person who scores low on agreeableness may put their own interests above those of others. Zukamei tend to be distant, unfriendly, and uncooperative.

Distinguishing Marks: The only visible marking Zukamei possess on him are his tribal markings that runs across his face; beneathe both of his eyes and across the bridge of his nose, the tribal mark resembles a cross with small spikes sticking out of each end.

Strengths: Zukamei does not believe in using any weapons in battle what so ever. And there are reasons why he doesn't believe in that. It's simple, the weapon can easily change hands in a battle meaning it could be used against you, rendering itself useless to it's normal wielder. The weapon can be broken during the battle or critically damaged to the point you couldn't use it untill its repaired. Alot of things could happen to your "weapon" in battle if you decide to use it...so many things. Which resulted in Zukamei being a fist-type, foot-type (basically a "fist to fist" meleer) fighter in battle.Being the melee fighter that he is, he can dematerialize and materialize at will, which he uses as an advantage in battle, as well as teleporting, and ALL of the other abilities of the wind type. He's also a avatar that can control every element known to creation (Including Void), nothing with magic, just with his calm and collected chi/energy that resides within him. He uses that to his advantage as well but never will you ever see Zukamei use those abilities for long range.

Weaknesses: Being a melee fighter and the major disbelief in using weapons, he lacks the ability of long range and has a large disadvantage when he goes up against those who have just a little bit of experience with long ranged techniques and/or weapons. His calm and collected attitude usually makes him keep his guard down at most critical times, which can prove to be dangerous.

Skills: Kyozetsu no honshitsu (Essence of Rejection) - a technique with the capability of causing literal rejection to the targets body, restricting the body from any movement while the technique is engaged.

Kyohi sa reta ishiki (Rejected Conscious) - a similar technique to the Kyozetsu no honshitsu, only it aims for the targets mind in a attempt to control.

Runsureiyakurosu (Rune Slayer Cross) - a mythical cross technique that allows the user to have the abililty to destroy Runes, and the slashes towards the rune takes the shape of a cross..obviously.

Shiringukurosu (Sealing Cross) - a technique the user conducts while sealing his victims into a sculpture-like cross with the inside freezing the corpse so it will be ready for testing


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