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Hi I'm Seyoi! But if I don't know you very well you can call me Sey.
(I don't give out my name unless I've gotten to know you.~)
I like sending cute, random, uplifting pm's to people.
I'm usually very nice and humorous. I love making people
laugh or trying to cheer them up.
I am in a relationship with a girl named Casey.

Don't randomly add me or ask for skype/kik.
( ps. Follow my tumblr! http://seuoi.tumblr.com/ )

Murderous Massacres
iii Panda Mo0fins iii
Unicorn Senpai v2
immersed kisses
Hellbound Dreams
My Tiny Teacup v2
Dank Alien
I Got That BBC
Takomi IV

Just Be Friends