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Birthday: 05/28


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Psy_Eddie Report | 05/29/2014 6:29 am

wink emotion_hug xd
Sexy_Angel_Kisses_7 Report | 05/28/2014 10:17 pm
Yay! The real Happy Birthday is just as fabulous. biggrin I had a great day celebrating with my family. Thanks again for the birthday wishes. mrgreen
Psy_Eddie Report | 05/28/2014 9:08 am

yum_cupcake "HAPPY!" yum_cupcake "BIRTHDAY!" yum_cupcake

"FOR!" yum_cupcake "REAL!"

whee wink emotion_hug
Psy_Eddie Report | 05/26/2014 11:28 pm

redface "A day early. sweatdrop Oh well!" xd
Psy_Eddie Report | 05/26/2014 11:27 pm

yum_cupcake HAPPY yum_cupcake BIRTHDAY! yum_cupcake

PoetryVomit Report | 08/27/2013 10:52 pm
Thanks for the buy
a sensate Report | 07/28/2012 7:23 pm
a sensate
I burned when i went to the river the other day... hurts so bad. gonk
a sensate Report | 07/27/2012 10:51 pm
a sensate
true that, i know the feeling. emotion_dealwithit
a sensate Report | 07/27/2012 2:44 pm
a sensate
Love your summer avatar~ smile
dragon_knight_of_fire Report | 07/12/2012 12:30 am
No it doesnt make sense because Canada and US are neighbouring countries...and it would be interesting to make items to celebrate different countries' holidays...I guess I have this view because Canada is a multicutural country

ahhahahhahhah yeah cuz you know canada is well known for being a melting pot of cultures XD
beside that point mexico is also our neighbor and if they were *again repeating myself* to make all those items they wouldnt have time for any of the other items that they put out and since they would just be free items it doesnt seem worth the time to make all of them.
I am not saying it wouldnt be interesting to see them all I am just saying it wouldnt be feasible since there are what? over 200 countries? and again they would be free items? that would take a hella long time to do, and if they picked favorites everyone would get pissed off XD sure canada is close but its just more feasible to make free items for one country with one event




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