Profile created by yours truely.
It still kinda sucks though. ;o

About time I finally edited this. So! Let's get started~!

Hi, I'm Redd. Thanks for dropping by my notsoawesome profile. Leave a comment for me~ ;D Now have some random facts~!

        Name: Not telling you~
        Username: Sexually Active Rainbows, durrr. Can't you read~?
        Nicknames: Redd, Sex, Sexbows, Rainbows, Sar, "HEY YOU"
        Age: Over eighteen. Ancient, according to Gaia's standards, apparently. ;o
        Gender: Female. Expect some PMS every so often.
        Sexuality: Straighttttt. I like my men~
        Likes: Various fandoms, roleplaying, video games, the internetz, drawing, reading, kittens, loling.
        Dislikes: Bugs, spiders, vegetables, emos, fighting, sparkling vampires (NOT MENTIONING NAMES WINKWINK NUDGENUDGE COUGHTWILIGHTCOUGH).
        Current Obsession: Super Smash Brothers (Brawl in particular), Legend of Zelda.
        Random Fact: I hate how America treats people with mental disorders. If you're missing a leg people are sympathetic and will help you out. If you're depressed, everyone thinks you're going to slice your arms open and be emo. I'm dealing with depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, thankyouverymuch. Sometimes I simply won't feel up to talking to anyone. Give me my space, plzkthnx.

And now it's time for a list of the most epic people I knowwww~

        Limey: My darling~ Everyone seems to think we're together, but she's really by BFF EVAR. She's not afraid to tell me what's what, and she's the perfect foil to my up-in-the-clouds personality. ILY BBY. <3

        Eden: Not only is she an epic artist, but she's super cool. Talking with her makes my dayyyy~

        Anarchy: My "daughter." Why did I adopt you again, you troublesome girl~? Nah, I kidddd. She's amazing. <3

        Toasty: (WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT THE FIRST BOSS IN SPYRO THE DRAGON) You're amazingggggg. AMAZINGGGGG. Do I need to put any more g's in there?


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(I share the game with my sisters. I'm usually only white/red!Ganondorf or dark!Zelda. Usually. Sometimes I'll change just to be cool. But if you're up against an amazing Samus/Snake/pretty much anyone, that would be my sister.)


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Redd's Musings. Ish.

...Mainly just a bunch of stupid quizes and stuff. :/



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I'd.. I don't know.

10k for your Pyrite Helm?
XThe Gambler of FateX

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XThe Gambler of FateX

YOU. YOU THAR, BOOTIFUL LADY. -Points menacingly.- I LUB JOO.
Takumi no Winry

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Takumi no Winry

Hey Redd! I haven't spoken to you in a while. c: I just wanted to see how you were doing and to say I missed you.

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Oh my goodness. I have my account back and see that you live.
Hello, SAR, how is life treating you?

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Thank you much for your purchase! Enjoy~

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Cool avi
Z A I A K U x

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Z A I A K U x

We miss you?? D:
Envy the Jealous

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Envy the Jealous


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I've added some things to the first post of my thread that will benefit you, so be sure to check it out! 3nodding
sheldor the CONQUEROR

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sheldor the CONQUEROR

I can't wait for the new Chuck D:< IT WILL BE SO EXCITING o: shaw vs chuck


currently craving ﹔﹔
dangan ronpa